June 9, 2011

Refuse to be Everybody, and other Illamasqua news

Guess what, I'm even more obsessed with Illamasqua since my makeover there.
I was really excited to receive the news on their Refuse To Be Everybody Boutique purely because of the name even before I saw the products in it!

I might be rambling here, but the makeup world isn't very daring at all, and lots of women use makeup purely to look polished and office appropriate - which is fine, I do that too. But I find it refreshing that a brand offers an alternative and tells you to express the most unique things in you and to not give a damn what other people will say. Don't you ever feel the need to do that? Because I surely do.

Anyway, the Refuse to Be Everybody Boutique is a collection of 25 products picked for their uniqueness in terms of shade or use, like the silver lipgloss in Galaxy (that I own but have admittedly never worn yet) or the bright orange eyeshadow in Vapour, or the beautiful set of Nail Quills.
You can order those products, but if you order 60£ worth of products on the rest of the site, you can also pick a product from the Refuse to Be Everybody collection and get it for free with the code 'refuse60 '

On other news, Illamasqua is launching a new foundation, which I can't wait to try!
It sounds like it's going to be very different from the existing foundations in the range, because it's based on the famous BB creams that the Asian market is obsessed about (and I blogged about them here, over a year ago).

The thing with the Asian BB creams is that they're not always easy to get - you have to order online, making a choice is hard and there are fakes all over eBay as weel- and they often come in one or two colors only. You may find a BB cream that you like in terms of texture and result but that won't match your skin and will make you look ashy. I think it's probably the biggest reason why this type of product isn't more appreciated in Europe or America.

Illamasqua is bringing a little revolution in the BB cream world by offering 18 shades in their new Skin Base BB cream type foundation, there will really be a shade for everyone since the lightest one is white and the darkest one is almost black.
I'm hoping that, like traditional BB creams, this foundation will be easy to blend and very buildable and will look flawless but still natural (I realize this sounds almost too good to be true but I do have high expectations). So I really can't wait to try it and will of course review it for you (I can't believe how long it's been since I last reviewed a foundation!)

Skin Base will be available online from 23rd June  -   £25  - 30ml, you can sign in to be informed by e-mail when your shade is available for order.


  1. The make up pictured in your post, isn't it what Mika Doll, the MUA, did on your friend Lambda with the reverse liner look, while you were in London?

  2. @ Fab Fabs: hey, nice to see you! It's close indeed but Lambda had a black liner under the lower lashline and coming up into a wing along the light one, so it was more dramatic. But we can see a trend here, indeed :)

  3. I just hate you for contaminate me with your foundation addiction....:))) Yes I am also looking forward to it to now....pfff

    Regarding Illamasqua, I fully agree with you and I do think that they pioneers in the cosmectics industry.

    I do think that this kind of company was missing.

  4. I just realized I wasn't following you!!! :o I have u in my favourites but I'm not following!!! How disgraceful of me! =P

    I can't WAIT to get my hands on this bb cream! =D


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