June 15, 2011

Review : Caudalie Soin Divin - gradual self tanning cream

The sun is coming and going, and to be honest, this year, I can't really be bothered putting on a fake tan on a regular basis. If my legs aren't bare, they don't need to be tanned, right?
However, my skin has gone a bit darker than my neck, and I tend to show more cleavage than in Winter. And if I want to be able to use a bit of bronzer to warm it up my face, I need this whole area to be even.

Enters this gradual self-tanner for the face!
I realize I've never reviewed a Caudalie product before, and that's simply because I am allergic to a lot of them. But I had tried this one a few years ago and knew it was fine, so I picked it without second thoughts at the pharmacy - it costs about 17€ for 30ml.

The product is extremely fluid, almost like a lotion more than a cream. It's pale yellow, so no color guide for application, but quite frankly you just need to apply this like you would with a moisturizer and you'll be just fine.
The result is progressive, indeed, without being almost invisible after one application. Thanks to this gradual system, this is virtually fool-proof. I apply 5 min before going to bed and have never woken up with white streaks on the cheek I sleep on :)

The only downside: the smell. When you apply it smells very nice, kind of like lemon pie, it's very pleasant. But of course, after a couple of hours, while the tan is developping, there's this usual biscuity fake-tan smell that appears and you can't hide it.
Luckily, though, once you've washed your face once it never really comes back.

Do I recommend this? Well if you can stand the AHA in it, I think the Xen-Tan face tanner is at least as good, is a great skincare product at the same time, and doesn't smell at all like self-tanner.
But if you have easier access to Caudalie or are a fan of the brand, this is definitely a good product that won't bring you any bad surprise.

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  1. Sounds like a good, reliable product! I've just bought a different face and body gradual self-tanner from another French brand, I'll mention it on the blog in my next post, I think. x


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