June 26, 2011

Sunday Randomness

I have been a lazy blogger this week and I apologize. In fact I was more of a busy employee, if you see what I mean. I also haven't been shopping for makeup since I came back from London and haven't really had anything new to review or share but now I have a few exciting things coming in the mail, hopefully during the coming week so stay tuned.

I have also been doing a lot of "no makeup" makeups lately. Maybe I got inspired by those 2 videos:

or maybe I just wanted to not cover my skin too much, since it looks very good at the moment - I give credit to the Konjac sponge and its micro-exfoliating effect for that.

Anyway, here's what it looks like on me (even though I defined the eyes a bit more on that day):

As you can see I still like to rock the soft curls created with my flat iron :)

On a totally different note, this is the worked DVD I'm hooked on at the moment:

Fantastic cardio workout that will really put your booty, your tights and your core at work! I've been doing this twice a week recently. You can get the DVD here on Amazon.

And then to close this post, a beautiful pic of the even more beautiful Christina Hendrickx, I think I'm going to try that makeup look this week.

What's up with you ladies?


  1. You don't need to wear a lot of makeup. You look gorgeous!

  2. @ PeriolouslyPale: why, thank you! I mostly wear makeup because it's fun and it makes me happy, I don't really feel a "need" to wear it most of the time :) But it's good to hear it from someone :)

  3. Beautiful my dear!!! I wanna do the booty workout!!! :)

  4. @ Thanks Lo! seriously, get the whole series, they're all great!

  5. You look gorgeous in your photo, I really love your hair color! How is the DVD working for you? I'd like a bit of toning in that area.

  6. @ Cydonian: thanks! It does work, I'm liking it a lot. Of course there's no miracle, you need several weeks to see results (and a healty diet too if possible) but you do feel that it is working!

  7. I've been doing a lot of no makeup days, too! But not really. I'm loving that all over face palette I told you about! I put a little tinted moisturizer, coverup (including undereye concealer the way you taught me), and that palette. That's it! Well, a little mascara, but yeah, that's it! And my skin is liking it better, too. Soooo much gentler on my acne! See how you're a trendsetter! : O )

  8. @ Marty: I'm very pleased to read that :-)


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