June 29, 2011

Test driving Illamasqua Skin Base FOTD

Goofy face with glasses, do I look like I'm happy to go to work? haha!

I recently told you how excited I was when I heard of the launch of the new Illamasqua Skin Base foundation.
Well of course, as soon as it was available, last week on Thursday, I hit the order button on the Illamasqua website!
My package was with me on Monday, I was very impressed considering it's international and our post don't work on Saturdays. Good point, Illamasqua.

So today I'm test driving it for the first time (yesterday was definitely too hot for any foundation with 31°C/88°F !!) The shade I got is #3. Here it's warmed up with bronzer because I'm fake tanned and it looked a bit pale.

I'll do a full review when I will have worn this for several days and applied it different ways, but so far I am really impressed: the blending wasn't too difficult, the coverage is impressive, the finish is luminous, and it's still going strong after 6+ hours of wear. Plus, you don't see it on the pics, but I do have a few breakouts around the nose and forehead, and this foundation covers them quite well. 
Maybe a new winner in my book? We'll see...

Other makeup featured:
Bobbi Brown concealer kit in Warm Ivory
Nars Exhibit A blush
Givenchy Les Frangipaniers bronzer (LE)
Mac Constructivist paintpot
Shiseido Hydropowder cream e/s in H9
UD 24/7 liner in Bourbon
YSL Faux Cils in black
Guerlain KissKiss Baby in Rosewood Nude


  1. Gorgeous! Love the look so far :)

  2. It looks like porcelain! That's awesome. Did you know what shade you were already from your trip?

  3. @ Marty: no, the product wasn't available yet back then. But I do know my match in Illamasqua foundations (133) and there are tons of pictures on their FaceBook accounts, plus the shade descriptions in terms of undertones are very accurate on the brand site. So all in all, I knew where I was going :)

  4. It looks great on you! You sound like me when I got my testers- impressed, but cautious. I'll likely post my full review this week, but so far it looks like a winner.

  5. Wow, it looks great on! I ordered it in 02, since I searched for swatches, and thought 03 would be too yellow. So now I'm hoping 02 is not too pink. I'm about MAC N2, and was told that 02 corresponds to 115 in the other formulations, and there didn't seem to be any neutral shades apart from 06, which I was afraid would be too dark again.

  6. Prinsesse- I was pleasantly surprised that the 02 isn't extremely pink- I'm dead neutral in tone & it matches me nicely. It may end up being too fair for you though, I'm afraid. I agree that it's close to the 115 in depth, but I'd say that's about 2-3 shades fairer than MAC's lightest. I will say that somehow, though the Skin Base has much more coverage than MAC Face & Body, there is some flexibility in blending, so I hope it works for you!

  7. The foundation looks great on you! You skin looks flawless.

    btw, glasses really suit you!

  8. Thanks! I have yet to receive it, and was thinking that it's OK to adjust a too light foundation with some bronzer on top, but more difficult if it had turned out too dark. That much being said, I couldn't use Hourglass Veil in 01 Porcelain because it was both way too light and overly yellow. Oh, well.

  9. I love it when online orders arrive quickly!

    Can't wait to hear about how you find the foundation.


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