June 6, 2011

Trying: Shellac!

The above hand is mine, right after I've been Shellac'd. The other pic had a reglar manicure done.

So while I was in London, I got Shellac'd.

Shellac is a new type of manicure by CND,  that has been on the market for about a year. 
The announced benefits are:
- a manicure that lasts for 14 days, glossiness included
- no waiting/drying time
- easy to remove in 10 minutes
- zero damage done to your nails
- "3-Free" products (no Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP)

Basically, the Shellac products are like hybrids between regular nailpolishes and gels, like the ones used to create fake nails.
The nail technician wil apply a base coat, 2 coats of color and a top coat, and in-between coats your hand will spend 2 minutes under a UV lamp so the layer that's just been applied can solidify. As easy as that.
The whole process takes about 30 min and then you're ready for 14 days.

Does it really work?
9 days later
It does. The result is flawless and shiny, and it stays so.
However, I do have nails that tend to break and unfortunately, 2 of them broke this week-end, causing the Shellac to peel off a bit.
Other than that, it stays shiny and pretty.
The only thing you will notice is a demarcation along the cuticle, as the nail grows.

Removing it.
The product is likely to stay put for more than 14 days, however Shellac does advice to remove it after that time, as leaving it on longer would make it more resistant to removal. I can't help but wonder whether that's true or whether that's just a marketing argument to make you book more appointments.
It's also advised that you get the manicure removed by a nail tech.

Personally I'm not going to do that since there isn't any available in my area and I can't go back to London just for that. However some salons do sell remover wraps so you can do it yourself, and basically all it takes is acetone. Put it on cotton pads, wrap on your fingers with aluminium foil and then wait for 10 minutes.

Would I recommend it?
Mostly, but not for everybody. 

Yes, for special occasions, or if you're a super busy mom and/or business woman who doesn't have much time to take care of her nails. Yes, if you're used to getting a manicure done every week as this is more expensive but needs to be redone less often. Yes, if you're going on holiday or honey moon and don't want to take along nail products.

No if -like me- you like to change your nail color often, or if you like a lot of variety. 
Actually there aren't many colors available at the moment, even though there should be more around September - colors that I usually love (navy, teal...) aren't currently part of the range. Also the finish will always be glossy, so if you like cremes or even jellies, that's not possible for now.
No, if you don't want to spend 50 to 100% more for a manicure, and some more bucks to get it removed if you don't want to do it yourself.

I would do it again before going on holiday, and I think I'd do it on my toe nails as well because they grow slower and don't break easily, so I could keep the Shellac longer there and make up for the high price.


  1. I change my nails too often to be tempted by this but I wonder if you can do this for a french manicure...I could benefit from that since French only stays on me for less than a day if that.

  2. Now I want to try this. I wonder if this works for people who suffer from nails that peel and flake?

  3. As always, beautiful (I'm sooooo jealous of your hands & nails!)

    Ansa- I have heard of people doing French manicures with the shellac system. I've also been told that colors can be mixed or layered to create new shades, so that expands what's available somewhat.

    I'm actually planning on trying these soon myself, as a bit of research. If I'm not mistaken, buying the entire system would cost about the price of having the Shellac done in a salon 4 times or so, so if anyone is considering them as a regular thing, that's something to keep in mind.

  4. @ Ansa: yes I do remember having seen that on the price list where I got my manicure done

    @ This passenger: it does for some and it doesn't for some others, from what I've read online. Worth a try, I guess.

    @ Jess: I have looked into that option too, I could probably get a kit (including UV lamp) here for about the price of 5-6 manicures but as I said, I like to change colors often and to have a lot of options so for now I don't think it's worth the investment for me.

  5. One of my last resolutions is to start posting on blogs that I really like and that I follow.

    What I love about the Shellac manicure is to think that I wouldn't have to redo a new manicure every 3 days... Yes I just don't find a way to keep it longer...

    What I also think might be a con for me is to keep the same color on for so long...

    BTW, I have just ordered some new nail polishes... Like I needed more....:)

  6. @ Nina: hey sweetie, thanks for posting, I know you don't have much free time. If you have too many nailpolishes you know where you can send them over ;-p (kidding)


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