July 22, 2011

Born Again

Illamasqua just released their newest mini film, starring once again BAFTA winning actress Vicky McLure.

The movie is about the path of a young woman who wants to embrace her alter ego and let go of her past self, and so to be born again, she must, in a way, die.
I find it's a dark but realistic metaphor for a very true fact in life : moving on for something better often implies that you need to let go of a part of you. (Let's say this is philosophy Friday.)
So, as per usual, I'm quite impressed with their vision and inspiration, and how much deep thoughts can be translated into makeup - or is it the opposite?

This is the short version of the movie, but you can see the uncut one, as well as the making of and an interview of Vicky McLure on the Illamasqua YouTube channel.

And if, just like me, you're curious about what Illamasqua’s Head of Professional, film and TV make-up artist Spob used to create Vicky's stunning look, all products are gathered in a collection on the Illamasqua website.  It features my all time favorite powder blusher, Lover :)

There's also a great competition that you can enter on the Illamasqua Facebook page to experiment with "social sacrifice". I don't know about you, but I'm entering!


  1. Is she reborn as a drag queen? My god she's wearing a lot of makeup!

  2. Marty, my friend, I still have A LOT to teach you! Expect an epic mail on the topic!! :-p


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