July 15, 2011

Girls with Glasses!

One question that is asked over and over on makeup forum is definitely "how should I do my makeup if I wear glasses". Even some YouTube beauty guru's have done videos on the topic as they were getting so many requests.

Well I have been wearing glasses since I was 16, and even though I occasionally wear contacts, I still wear glasses most days - my contacts don't agree with harsh lighting, air conditioning and me staring at a screen for 8+ hours, all things that are my life when I'm at work. So, for most office days, glasses will do.

So I feel enough of an expert in glasses wearing to tell you this: you don't have to wear special makeup because of your glasses. If you do a bold look, glasses will tone it down a bit. If you look tired and have undereye circles, glasses might hide them a bit. And if you don't do anything special, your glasses will still "dress up" your eyes in a way. To me glasses are a winner, and you can't go wrong doing any kind of makeup you like. Hey, I've even worn super dramatic falsies with glasses, and even that looked good!

This week we had a little "FOTD wearing glasses" challenge on a makeup forum, so I did try very different looks and I took lots of pics - I thought I would share them with you!

Monday - dramatic and graphic black liner.

You see the look with the glasses on, but it cuts out a tiny bit of the drama.

Tuesday - soft eye, fuchsia lip.

The lipstick is Mac Girl About Town, and the whole look is about it and the orange dress. So the eyes only needed a bit of definition (I always always put at least a soft brown in the crease to give depth!)

Wednesday - neutral eye and red lips!

Tightlining and softly lining give definition to the eye in this look, without competing with the red lips.
Lipstick: Guerlain Rouge G in Geisha.

Thursday - dramatic aquas and teals.

I LOVE this one. It keeps its intensity even with glasses on. I used Mac Steamy and Plumage, and Illamasqua Gimp (gorgeous matte charcoal with a blue undertone, super pigmented and very blendable).
That's a look I'd also wear for a special occasion (maybe adding lashes or a brighter lip) if I couldn't wear contacts for some reason but still wanted to bring some focus on my eyes.

Friday - Purples, and a different pair of glasses. 

This is my backup pair of glasses, I like them but they're very heavy, and at the moment they're not adapted to my current prescription.
On the eyes I'm wearing Mac Naked Lunch, Trax and Shadowy Lady for a soft, blended purple look with some outer corner definition.

I had a lot of fun taking my glasses into account to create these looks. But my point is that the rest of the time, I never do, I wear what I'm in the mood for, and the glasses don't really do anything against it.

Who's a glass wearer and how do you deal with that?


  1. I love all of these looks, and I love your specs! I love that you don't prescribe particular 'rules'for glasses makeup - it's pretty much anything goes :)

  2. I especially love love love your Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday looks. But I hope I will not offend you by saying that your Monday look with graphic liner and dark frames makes me think too much of Nana Mouskouri... Sorry ;-)

  3. I completely agree! I have been wearing glasses since i was 5, but I don't have to wear them all the time (for example I can't wear them while driving). I have always hated all the "this is how you should do your makeup if you wear glasses" directions. I can wear whatever makeup I want and it still looks great! Don't let any thing make you feel that you can't wear a certain look.

  4. Ahh I have that Nomination necklace too :)))
    really like your blog :) apparently same taste in jewellery :))


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