July 21, 2011

Hair product review: L'Oreal Professionel Play Ball Wax Smoothie

I usually don't use many styling products, unless I wear my hair curled, in which case I'll need some kind of spray to hold them all day long. But I do like how those curling sprays add texture to the hair and wanted to find something (besides regular hairspray, which can feel cardboard-ish) that I could also use on straight hair.

I had heard about wax sprays (I only knew of regular wax pastes, great for short hair) in a Pixi2woo video so I looked for something like that at my local hair and beauty supply stores, and found this L'Oreal Play Ball Wax Smoothies.

What the brand says.
Spray wax.Whether you want sleek and sexy or funked-up and spiky hair, play ball's your game! It gives structure, definition and texture to all hair types. L'Oreal Professionnel Techni Art Play Ball Wax Smoothie offers a medium hold so it works in tandem with your hair and leaves it smelling deliciously of pears.How to use:Shake well and spray L'Oreal Professionnel Techni Art Play Ball Wax Smoothie over dry hair and sculpt with your fingers.
My experience with the product.
I don't know if I'd say it smells of pears, but this product smells really good and very fruity. It reminded me of some kind of red pomegranate soda I used to drink when I was a kid. Now the smell doesn't linger  around for too long but if you're sensitive to smelly products, this one could be too much for you.

Secondly, the text on the bottle mentions that you can use this Wax Smoothie spray on damp hair, before styling, as well as on dry hair. I like that you can spray as little or as much product as you want to increase hair body - probably to a point where it's too much!
When working with this product, it's safer to go with light sprays though. After a few seconds, the wax is really starting to work and you'll feel that the hair gets a bit tacky, and holds its place if you scrunch it at the roots to give it more volume or in between layers to to give body to the lengths. You'll be safer adding more product bit by bit.

It's super easy to remove by brushing the hair and definitely by washing it. Beware though that L'Oreal labels this as being holding strength 3 out of 6, so it's not the strongest fixing spray and if you have very coarse or thick hair that requires industrial strength styling products, this will probably not be enough.

All in all, a nice little product to quickly add texture, volume and body to the hair, I do like it a lot.

L'Oreal Professionel Play Ball Wax Smoothie - 150ml -  starts at about 9£-12€ but lots of sellers have very different price, so make sure you do a bit of research for the cheapest one!  You can find it on lookfantastic for 10£ and free shipping.

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