July 13, 2011

Perfume Biography

I randomly found this Perfume Biography tag on a fashion blog a few days ago, and thinking of all the perfumes I wore at some point was a nice trip down memory lane, so I thought I would share it with you, and it would be lovely if you posted your own Perfume Biography  either in the comments or on your blog if you have one.

Late 80's - early 90's.

Is there a teenager from my generation who hasn't been wearing Cacharel perfumes at some point? I tink I started with Anaïs Anaïs when I was 12-13, as this is the eatly teenager perfume, but I wasn't too keen on such a floral scent (that hasn't changed since) and I preferred Loulou, also because it had a more sexy image and it was a bit more oriental.

I like this ad image a lot because back then, Cacharel was also selling makeup, and I liked it a lot, particularly the lipsticks and the "bitten lips" shade that is used in this picture. I did wear that one a lot.

At about the same time, Trussardi released Action, I did get a sample of it and fell totally in love with it.

I found the leathery bottle a bit masculine, and I was in my "be a tomboy to hang out with the boys" stage (clearly, I had it all wrong, thanks heavens, I was already wearing makeup and sporting long hair, that helped a bit). 
The top notes were supposedly floral but then it developped in something more woody and spicy, and I really loved it, although I think now that this wasn't a 13 year old appropriate perfume. Oh well...

Mid 90's.

Later in my teenage years, I fell in love with 2 perfumes. The first one was L'Eau d'Issey, and that was when it was first released.
It was fresh and feminine, floral but edgy because it was also watery in some way. I literally bathed in this one, since I also got the body milk and gosh knows what other scented products from the same range.
Today it makes me pretty sick, that's really weird.

My other perfume love was YSL Champagne. Since YSL's legal forgot to check if they could use that name, they then had to change it and it's now called Yvresse. But the original bottle was looking like a champagne bottle and I did feel that, in between the fruity sugary notes, I could sense the smell of champagne bubbles. This is the frangrance I was wearing when I turned 18 and started College - clearly I was much more into gourmand/sugary smells back then.

Late 90's - 2000.

When I entered the workforce as a young graduate, I wanted to wear something that wouldn't be intoxicating for my colleagues and that would stay fresh through my long days. I picked the original "Les Belles" by Nina Ricci. This was described as " citrusy freedom " and indeed, it was fresh and I thought it smelled like grass and kiwi!
But after my first bottle of that one, I got interested in the variations that had been launched (there were 3, if I remember correctly) and totally fell in love with the blue one, Almond Amour.
If you're familiar with Cantuccini, the hard almond biscuits made in Tuscany, this is exactly what this smelled like: sugary and almondy. And back then I did travel there and brought back these Cantuccini, so that smell was like my favorite thing in the world. I went through several bottles of this one, and at some point my mom was wearing it as well.
This perfume doesn't exist anymore and it's one I'm really missing, but I kept my love of almonds from this one.

Mid 2000 - in Perfume Limbo.
For some reason, after my love story with Almond Amour, I was unable to find something else that I liked. Lots of things gave me headaches, or then I would love them on others but not on my own skin... I kind of gave up on perfume and wore a lot of "barely there" natural frangrances, mainly those 2:

 The Body Shop Lemon Tea: since lemon tea was my drink of choice and this smelled exactly like it, it felt like a safe choice. I did use up a few bottles of this one.

Korres Body Water in its Vanilla Cinnamon version was the start of my love for spices. I still adore this one, but it's been discontinued and I'm on my last back-up bottle (I went through many many of them over the past 6 years!). I usually wear it on week-ends when I'm doing nothing and stay home in comfy yoga clothes. It puts me in a good mood. I'm going to miss it a lot.

Circa 2009, back to perfume.
At some point I decided to find a new perfume again, and I researched everything and anything that would have my beloved Almonds in it. My choice was Kenzo Amour EDP.

I like the mellow feeling the rice gives to it, and still there's the almond in the background. I think of it as a cozy winter perfume, not the one I reach for every day but one I like to have.

Since I discovered Serge Lutens last year, though, a new world of fragrances got open for me, but I told you about that already. I'm now more aware of the notes I like and don't like, and keep on researching less mainstream perfumes to find new things I'll love, so I'll be sure to keep you updated.


  1. Ahh, perfumes. Such a good post!

    I love how you picked certain fragrances - I couldn't do that. I have over 50 (yes :S) scents and I love them all.. I know, too much and a bit crazy but oh well.

    I also love Kenzo's Amour :-)


  2. Great idea for a post.
    I too am fond of almonds and will now research some almond frags on basenotes.

  3. Oh, Anaïs Anaïs. Been there, done that.
    I guess I did not find MY perfume yet. But I really like Cool Water by Davidoff (for Summer) and now I'm trying Jean Paul Gaultier's Classique.

  4. @ Miss A: picked? But they're ALL THERE!! Lol, I've never had a lot of frangrances at the same time, for me it's too much of a part of a person for it to change too often. But that's just me - it's the makeup I change daily :)

    @ jaljen: unfortunately they're often mixed with musc and I find that sickening :(

    @ Ce: keep looking!

  5. Hello! I like this post because it forced me to do the exercise myself for fun:

    80's (we were wearing powerful scents!!!)
    Oscar by Oscar de la Renta - Eau de Calandre by Paco Rabanne - Rive Gauche by YSL - Coco by Chanel - Gem by Van Cleef & Arpels
    Rose Cardin - Escape by Calvin Klein - Eau d'Issey - 'Babydoll', 'Paris' and 'Champagne' by YSL
    Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel - Light Blue by Dolce Gabbana - Rykiel Rose by Sonia Rykiel - 'Un Jardin en Méditerrannée', 'Kelly Calèche' and 'Concentré d'orange verte' by Hermès.

    The list could go on and on....

  6. I love this! I never wear perfumes. I've gotten more into body sprays, but anything with alcohol that lingers and is strong offends me. I don't like cologne on men really, either. I dated a guy who wore Curve and now whenever I smell it, I think about that jerk and getting dumped in a restaurant (oh, the shame!). See? I'm too sensitive to scent to wear perfumes.

    That being said, I do like certain scents and they've changed over the years. I liked more oceany scents in high school (Gap Dream, Cool Water...back when I did wear perfume on occasion). Then I discovered Yves Rocher Vanilla Bourbon in high school when I lived in France for a wee, small while. And I became obsessed with vanilla. I would argue it's my signature scent. I like most variations on it or subtle notes of it in a scent.

  7. @ Fab Fabs: Oh I see we have a few in common :)

    @ Marty: aha, another vanilla addict! (and yes, I do associate smells and events as well, that can be painful sometimes)


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