July 29, 2011

Perfume review: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria - Flora Nymphea

Earlier this week, I saw this review of Aqua Allegoria by Katie Pucrick (and if you aren't subscribed to her YouTube channel, your loss, you should go there and hit the yellow button right now - or rather after you have finished reading this).

I thought: a frangrance based on honey that doesn't smell like candy? I need to try that! So I ran to get a sample of this.

Well, Katie didn't lie to me. When I spritzed it for the first time, I got some citrusy notes - coming from the orange blossom, I guess- and thought 'ewww, noooo!' because citrus is really something I can't wear without getting nauseous. But it disappeared almost instantly, and there came the honey. Lots and lots of honey. And it stayed there.

I mean, hours after I had sprayed this, I still could smell it but it wasn't like simple honey, more like honey surrounded by a field of flowers - honeysuckles, maybe? It was like having a heavy smelling bouquet near me, not in a way that was overly sweet or would induce migraine (thanks heavens!) but definitely, there were flowers and bees in the hair and despite the rain, I could feel Summer around. Which is quite surprising for me as I tend to not associate seasons and perfumes too much, but definitely this one is Summery.

Unfortunately, for me, it kind of stopped there. Katie talked about a hint of salt, a sunkissed skin smell that would be kind of animal, and I was curious about that. However on me, it took hours before I could smell this and even then, I really had to keep my nose on my arm and take a few sniffes to get that. And it's such a shame because, doing so, I did recognize the salty note and then the lovely, velvety, orange blossom that I hadn't perceived so far. And I do find this sensual without being overly sexy, I'd say  grown-up, confident, not needing to invade all the room sexy.

Some people have mentioned a musky scent in the background, but for once I didn't get that, and that's alright because I'm tired of bringing up the musc in everything when I don't enjoy its smell that much.

So I am kind of torn about this perfume. I love love the base notes but I can barely smell them and clearly, nobody around me would be able to smell them. What everyone -including me- would get is the honey/honeysuckle smell and that is not me - a field of flowers is, I think, the last thing I evoke (and that's fine by me). I don't think that getting a 60€ bottle of Florea Nymphea so I can sniff the base notes on myself once in a while is a reasonable. Oh well, that's what samples are for!


  1. Thanks for this honest review! I love love the bottle design and the concept, but if the base notes are so hidden, I guess it's not for me either... And thanks for the channel recommendation! BTW, I subscribed to blogilates and have been trying her exercise routines, some really are killer! x

  2. I love this perfume! I am in no way capable of describing it as you have though! Unfortunately I don't find it lasts very well on me. I adore Jasminora as well.


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