August 31, 2011

30-30: #11

11. Do you like wearing bronzer?

Yes! It's not even that I can't embrace the paleness (ok, who am I fooling, I have tried all the self-tanners on earth) and I don't even use bronzer to really look sunkissed, but I just love the warmth they give to the face.
And I must admit that I kind of like to look at my pretty bronzers :)

One of my favorite bronzers ever: the Givenchy Prisme Visage "Les Frangipaniers",
limited edition from Summer 2010


  1. I do!! And i like them to look pretty. Its so silly but I really am asucker for pretty bronzers. I love the givenchy ones for that reason!!

  2. I wear bronzer every day! I love it. This summer, I've been so tan I've been using it as a blush. Typically, I blend it in after loose powder as an allover glow type thing. I've also been using that all over face palette, which has some bronze tones. That's great, too!


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