August 9, 2011

30 - 30 : # 2

(yeah I can't be bothered to write the same long title again for 30 days, so I shortened it!)

2. How did you learn to put on makeup?

For a long time I thought that the makeup advice given in magazines was really all there was to it. And it wasn't helping much, since I could never achieve the results they promised.
Now, how could it have worked, those magazines never ever mentioned the use of makeup brushes! Try as long as you can, sponge tip applicators will never blend your eyeyshadows!

What did change things for me was, of course, discovering the makeup tutorials on YouTube, particularly MakeupGeek
I found a link to Marlena's tutorial somewhere, back in Spring 2008 when she was just starting making videos and only had a few of them online.
That was like an epiphany for me. At the same time Mac opened a store in my country, so the products and brushes Marlena was using were accessible (My first Mac 217 changed my makeup life for ever). Suddenly, I was feeling the need for more than 4 colors eyeshadows (it's a long way down after that, hum) and I knew how to put them on! I remember that I would watch each video several time to observe what Marlena was doing again and again and try to understand how I could improve things.

Of course, practice is very important. Back then I would always test drive at night the look I wanted to wear the next day. It was fun :)
After a few months I branched out to some other YouTubers, learned more tricks, new techniques, heard of other products... and the rest is history.


  1. Love the concept of 30 questions in 30 days! Yes, thank goodness for you tube makeup tutorials. For me, it's great to see tips of makeup application on asian eyes.

    The last time I checked I was between MAC NC 15 -20, but am probably a little bit darker now after spending too much time under the sun this summer.

  2. Thanks Penelope! This confirms what I thought, that we're about the same color - which is always interesting to know :)

  3. This series is so much fun, seriously :) My first YouTuber was Amy from AskMeMakeup, she still sometimes posts some videos, I wish she filmed more! They're true works of make-up art. x


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