August 12, 2011

30 - 30 : # 3

3. Favourite brand?

If that question means that I'd have to pick a brand with which I could be perfectly happy if I had access to nothing else, than I can't answer it. I kind of have favorite brands (yes, often more than one) for each type of product but in my opinion there is no brand that performs the way I'd like them to on every single type of product they offer.

I can, however, answer this question if it means that I need to pick a brand that I particularly love and would, in a crazy moment, get tattooed on my body. That would be Illamasqua.

The whole makeup industry built itself on our insecurities for more than a century. It tells us that we need to even out skin tone - shave legs - have shiny hair, whatever… and implies that if we don't, we're not as beautiful as we could/should be - and since image is so important in today's society, how can we afford not to improve anything we can?

Then comes Illamasqua. They don't tell us, ever, that we have flaws and that they'll be the best at hiding them. Insteadn, they tell us that we can be our own kind of beautiful, that we shouldn't care about what other people think of our looks and should use makeup to be creative and look the way we want. And if what we want is bold, or dark, or crazy, that's fine, they'll give us the products we need (and they do have products that no other brand has, like 3 different shades of red eyeshadows!). If what we want is understated, we can do it too, they'll sell that as well, we should just look the way we want!

I am totally digging that. My mood changes everyday, my clothes change every day, and so I love that I can change my makeup everyday and tell a different story. And often, it'll be neutral and understated, but sometimes, I'm craving craziness because that's just a part of me as well, and makeup will allow me to do that. With zero consequences, as it washes off!! How cool is that?
So yes, that's how I see it and why I love that brand more than any other makeup brand.


  1. Hands up sweetie! Illamasqua with no doubt! Great post. Looking forward to reading the next one. ;)

  2. Illamasqua is one of my favourite brands as well- I love their philosophy and their products.

    Great post!


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