August 18, 2011

30 - 30 : # 5

5. Favourite lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner?

Ok, so let's be clear right away:
- I don't wear lip liner. And if I do, it's because I really have to, and I'll use one from either Gosh or Illamasqua.
- I rarely wear lip gloss. I went through phases where they were all  I would wear but now I'm really over the sticky feeling, wet look and often poor pigmentation and/or high dose of shimmer. It's not the look I'm going for anymore.
I do, however, use Illamasqua Intense lipglosses because I feel like they're more like liquid lipsticks, and I can blot them to a stain for an easy to wear yet very pigmented result. So if I have to use gloss, that will be it.

Now, lipstick, that's another story: I don't get out without lipstick -  I mean I always have one in my bag if I feel the need to put it on (which isn't always the case, though).
I love lipstick because it's a very old-fashioned, yet still very modern way of expressing feminity. Adding lipstick to a neutral face and casual outfit can totally dress you up. While I feel gloss has something girly and youthful to it, lipstick to me is more grown-up and can be very sexy.
Lipstick is kid of my weapon of choice, it's what I'll touch up before a presentation, a meeting with a client, it's my little ritual for feeling ready face whatever is going to come.

I guess long time readers already know what kind of color I like in the lipstick field: next to the mandatory "my lips but better" shades, I love fuchsia, orange and red. So these are the favorites I'm going to pick:

Mac Girl About Town
Girl About Town is my go to fuchsia. I have more, they look similar but do have slight differences, and in this one I love everything: color, texture, finish, and that it has enough blue to make teeth look white. 

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Candide Tangerine
Even though I love Mac Morange, Givenchy Candide Tangerine is now my favortie orange color. Too bad it was a limited edition... It smells delish, doesn't taste awful (yes Chanel, I'm looking at you), is very pigmented and not drying... I just love that color!

Guerlain Rouge G in Geisha
I love many many reds, from Mac Dubonnet to Illamasqua Maneater or Ignite, it's really hard to chose! But I'd pick Guerlain as a winner for the incredible texture that is so comfortable to wear, the beautiful finish and the excellent pigmentation. Geisha is a gorgeous deep blue based red, which looks fab all year long (I tend to wear reds more in Winter but I've been wearing this one lately and it looks great this time of the year as well.)

This is me wearing Geisha last Fall, and apparently feeling pouty :)
So that's it for my little lipstick story!

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  1. i definitely have to check out the MAC one, looks soo pretty!


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