August 21, 2011

30 -30 : #7

7. Favorite eye shadow color?

Ah! Why -and how- chose one!?
Let's rather say that I gravitate around one family color, which is the bronze/gold one. Yes, I put bronze and gold together because by gold, I don't mean the yellow true gold one, I'm more thinking of something like Mac Woodwinked, which is a bronzey gold.

Wearing Mac Woodwkined over Constructivist paintpot for a maximal gold effect!

Now I don't know if these are the most flattering colors on me but I don't really care, they're the ones that make me the happiest when I look at them and apply them :)
Other favorite eyeshadows in this categorie are Mac Tempting, Mac Bronze and Mac Patina as well as Urban Decay Smog and Half Baked.


  1. im a beige/champagne/taupe person. they all make me happy :)

  2. Also love the gold eye look, although my fave eyeshadow at the mo is a shimmery grey/brown by no7 :) :)

  3. I too like to do my eyes with lot of simplicity ...MAC is also a favorite brand as it has a color for every need and occasion and also has the quality to satisfy one and all.


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