August 28, 2011

30 -30 : #9

9. Picture of your makeup collection?

I'm afraid that's going to take way more than one picture!
Yes, that's a lot of stuff, but that's only stuff that I love and use. If I don't like something or never uses it, it has to go away.
RIght now I kind of feel like purging my stash because I am kind of running out of room, but I really like everything I have now so I'm not really sure...

Drawer 1: Face Stuff.
You have bronzer and highlighters on top left side, foundations on bottom left side,
 primers and concealers on bottom right side and all the rest is blush and more blush!

Drawer 2: Eyes!

Drawer 2: Wait, there's more! The containers are stackable.

Drawer 3: more eye stuff (loose e/s and palettes) and a mishmash of backups, also foundations in Winter shades.

This is my little tower of lip stuff!

Glosses - I don't have that many, I don't really wear much gloss.

Reds and Berries

Fuchsia and Oranges - my favorite drawer!

Neutrals and My Lips But Better shades


  1. if you decide to purge your collection, I would be happy to take it off your hands!


  2. Great collection!! I agree with Holly, lol.

  3. aaaaaa these photos make me so happy <3 <3

  4. Holy crap! All of my makeup fits in one small basket which goes on a shelf! Lol...


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