August 22, 2011

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Fantasme

Chanel Fall collection had been on display for 24 hours and I was shopping with a friend, our eyes instantly fell on the Illusion d'Ombre cream shadows.
You know what a sucker I am for cream shadows - heck, I have a full drawer of them! And I must say the texture of these is really really nice, quite mousse-like and easy to spread. The pigmentation looked very good as well when I swatched them. So I had to had one!
That's when my friend offered to get one for me as a belated birthday present (you got to love your friends!) and so I picked Fantasme, which is the white one.

I know this one doesn't get the biggest amount of love in the beauty community. But I do find that a white shimmery shadow is kind of a must in the Summer. You can actually give a lot of dimension to the eye by using contrasting light shadows instead of dark ones, and that's even prettier on (fake-) tanned skin.
My second thought was that I could apply this one sheerly and layer over powder eyeshadows to create different colors - but that's for another time. Here's how Fantasme looks applied alone witht the little brush that comes with it:

Now let's be realistic: these Illusion d'Ombre eyeshadows are glitter bomb. Seriously, every time the light hits them, it's a disco ball going on. But I must also say that once they set, they stick to your eyes like there's no tomorrow and the glitter doesn't fall out - and that is a great advantage in my opinion!

I think Fantasme is very wearable for daytime if you don't mind the glitter - it can easily be toned down with matte neutrals like i did.
I do love the quality of the eyeshadow (let's hope it's not going to dry too fast!) and I think that the Illusion d'Ombre will be a must for at least Winter evening looks.

Have you tried any of these eyeshadows?

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