August 11, 2011

Etsy finding: Untamed Menagerie

I have been browsing Etsy a lot recently, particularly the jewelry shop.
I don't consider myself a jewelry person, really. I always wear some, but I don't own a lot. I have a few very nice pieces that are my falmily heritage from my mom and my grandmothers, and a few that I received as presents for very special occasions when growing up. But other than that I never really shop for jewelry, I can't even remember buying an expensive pair of earrings, ever! 
And the costume pieces you can find for cheap are never really appealing because I find they often look poorly made, so I do avoid them.

But Etsy, that's another story. There are pieces there that I know I will be the only one to wear in my circle and I like that idea. Plus, lots of things are really affordable but still are great quality.

That's how I recently came across a shop called Untamed Menagerie

The first thing that caught my eye was their Alice in Wonderland themed banner. I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland. It was already one of my favorite stories when I was a kid (never been a huge fan of princesses) and it still is a story I enjoy reading today, I love the mix of absurdity and wisdom in it.
So that's no wonder I fell for this particular item:

The We're All Mad Here necklace.  I had to have it! And so you've already seen me wearing it on this picture: 

I love the necklace. As you can see, the writing is quite large, larger than I expected I must say. The metal is very pretty, as shiny as it looks in their picture, and the chain isn't too fragile (I've had necklaces break quickly in the past).  Even though it's a big piece, it's not heavy to wear and you forget about it when you have it on. 
I must say that I am allergic to nickel and am always a bit scared of getting reactions when wearing a new piece of jewelry, but I am happy to report I haven't had any problem with this one, so if you suffer from that too, you know you'll be safe with that necklace.

My transaction with the shop went smoothly, they shipped the item quickly and I got it in less than 2 weeks, which is average for international mail. The communication was clear, I can say that my experience with Untamed Menagerie was nothing but positive.


  1. Thanks for posting this, I have to check it out!

  2. I adore Untamed Menagerie- I've bought several pieces from them and have adored every single one. I did have one break; it was in the more fragile black acrylic and though it came with a warning that said it was not for everyday wear (or something to that effect) the shop owners still offered to send me a free replacement when I inquired about purchasing that design in the metal. I didn't take them up on that offer, because I truly don't feel it was their fault, but I did purchase again!

  3. I was going to ask you where you got that necklace. It's totally rad. Of course you got it on etsy! They always have the best stuff. : )

  4. I noticed your necklace in your photo the other day. I like it! I have their wind-up bird (as a necklace), and I absolutely love it.

  5. ohh i blogged about that store too :) love it !!


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