August 6, 2011

Introduction to Kiko Makeup

Since I happen to watch Italian YouTubers from time to time, I heard about Kiko a very long time ago. As a matter of fact, I even desperately looked for their products when I was in Italy last year, but couldn't find any where I was. And even though they have a website, they don't sell internationally.
It's a shame, though, because their products are reasonably priced and they have a very large range, that include lots of mineralize products too - and I love mineralize products.

However Kiko recently opened several freestanding stores in France. My friend Lambda, living near one, was the first to explore and get a few goodies. She reported that the nailpolishes were great, and OMG they have so many colors - for €2.50!

Being a good friend and knowing me well, she did of course bring back a couple of items for me. And since then, I went to visit a store with her and Miss B, and got one more. Here they are.

Yes, all the products are from the Summer collection. The regular line looks great too but there were so many people in the store (and we were quite hungry) so I didn't look into them too much. Here's the detail on the products I own: 2 are mineralize kind of bronzers, the third is a highlighter in a stick form that reminds me of Nars multiples.

Yes, the packaging is a bit bulky, but it's not feeling cheap at all. Although I don't dig the gold very much (it's kind of true Italian style, and being half Italian myself I can say so), I have to admit that it's very solid and it's nice to get a real mirror in the compacts. They're not too heavy either, but they do take a lot of space and wouldn't be very convenient for travelling. The stick, on the other hand, fits easily in a bag for touch ups! It exists in different shades, some being much more pigmented, so you could use one as a blush or a bronzer and take it along with you for travelling. I've swatched the products for you.

(This is where my admiration for KarlaSugar comes from: taking swatch pics is so hard!)
From left to right: the stick, unblended, the bronzer trio (all 3 shades mixed), then the 3 shades of the blush/bronzer/higlighter trio.
As you can see, the products are pretty pigmented, as I didn't have to swatch heavily to get them to show up. They're also rather shimmery, the white powder highlighter is even quite glittery. It does show up a bit in this picture:

I am wearing the bronzing trio all over the face and a bit of the blush and highlighter on the cheeks.
(And you can also see the ombre hair after a second bleach of the tips - 10 min with vol 10 developer).

If you can check Kiko products where you live, definitely check them. Even though a lot of them are shimmery or glittery, they're good quality and inexpensive. Their selection of nailpolishes and lipstick is very wide, and they also sell brushes and... Konjak sponges!


  1. Kiko is opening a store here where I live. I am pretty excited about it! Cant wait til they open!

  2. Kiko is fab!! I have a friend who lives in Italy and she kindly sends me there stuff :)

  3. so glad you guys can enjoy Kiko too now!!!!
    I was gutted when you told me you couldn't find any on your last visit home :-(

  4. Always introducing another future obsession! And I love your necklace- Untamed Menagerie?

  5. So sexy with your specs! I love the necklace too.

    Kiko sounds great, I wonder if they will evercome to Australia...

  6. @ Dee: Enjoy!

    @ Kelly and Hazy: it's good that it gets easier to get it outside of Italy now!

    @ Jess: YES - post coming on that too

    @ Jen: haha thanks; would be nice if they started shipping internationally at least

  7. Thank you for this post! I heard about Kiko a while ago, but it's so hard to find information outside of Italy itself - luckily I'm going in a few months and am planning on thoroughly scoping the place out ;)

  8. I am going to s'illot and Palma nova and is there any kiko stores thanks mary


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