August 2, 2011

July Favorites

July is always a special month to me. It's my birthday month, and since I refuse to work on my birthday, I also always take at least part of my Summer vacation from work in July.
This year being no exception, and since I don't really look at the calendar while I'm off work, I actually forgot the month was already over and I needed to write my favorites post, hence the slight delay :)

Now onto the in's for this month!

Origins Vita Zing.
Believe it if you can, I have actually gone to work with nothing else but this on my skin.
I adore this moisturizer, the light warm color that it gives to the skin and how it evens out the skintone. It is, in my book, better than most tinted moisturizers that I have tried even though it's not marketed as such. Too bad it's not widely available, I think everyone should try it!
(NB: Estee Lauder Daywear Sheer Tint release is apparently a great substitute).

Shu Uemura cleansing oil for dry skin.
Weirdly, as I don't have completely dry skin, I do get dry patches on the cheeks and using this version of the Shu oil (alternating with my own blend of almond and castor oil, of course) seems to help with that problem.

Bobbi Brown corrector in Light Bisque.
Although I only got this at the end of the month and used it only once in July, this is love already! Some days my dark circles are worse than usual and I find my concealer doesn't hide enough of them, particularly if I want to wear contacts instead of my glasses. Well this erases them completely when used under the Bobbi Brown concealer then set with the Pale Yellow powder. I should have gone this sooner!

Back to color.
Although I definitely love my neutrals, I've done some forum challenges in July that made me go back to more color and I can spend more time on those looks when I'm on vacation, so it's really fun and nice to see that I am still able to do more than blending 3 shades of brown.

My Nathan-Baume leather bag.
It follows me everywhere, goes with everything, and has just enough space in it for my essentials but not enough for me to take along a bunch of useless stuff like I always do when I have very large bags.  So I'm being classy and disciplined :)

What were your favorites this past month? 


  1. I keep seeing oil cleansers lately. I've never tried one but will have to give this a go

  2. The eye look in the photo looks amazing on you, which eyeshadows did you use?

  3. @ Hair Romance: they do remove everything!!

    @ Rocaille: Thanks! Mac Steamy and Plumage and a bit of Illamasqua Gimp, if I remember correctly.


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