August 5, 2011

Share the love (it's been a long time!)

Oh yes, it's been really too long since I shared a few web places I like visiting with you guys! Time to catch up!

First of all, I've been looking for websites where I could learn new way to styles my hair. I've never learned how to style long hair and even though there are so many cool things to create with it -or so it seems- I'm clueless!
That's how I came across Hair Romance, where you can learn tons of cool styles! The girl even has an eBook with 30 "twist & pin" hairstyles. I love to try things like this:

Picture property of Hair Romance

I have also learned a few hair tricks from Keiko Lynn, but I keep visiting her blog because she is so good at makeup and has such a pretty clothing style as well! I just can't get over how pretty she is!

Picture property of Keiko Lynn

In the strict makeup territory, I had come across pictures from Viola on the web more than once in random picture searches, so I was very happy to discover she has a blog called Killer Colours.
She is extremely talented and does all kind of looks, from the simplest everyday faces to the most colorful and dramatic ones.

Picture property of Killer Colours

Last but not least, you might not be aware of this, but the lovely KarlaSugar from The Next Best Thing to Going Shopping Yourself is now not only still offering some of the best swatches on the web, but she is also hosting a forum on her website.  It is, of course, a great place to chit chat about makeup and interact with other makeup lovers and with Karla herself.

Well, now you've got some reading work to do for the week-end :)
Any cool place that I should check out next?

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