September 1, 2011

30-30: #12

12. Favourite mascara?
Easy question: it is, hands down, YSL Faux-Cils, and it's been so for several years. (I did love YSL Singulier quite as much but it makes my eyes itchy so I can't wear it).

I hate that it's so damn expensive (23€), that it dries so fast (2 and a half months of use is really a maximum) and even if I don't mind its smell, it's quite strong and it's probably not everyone's taste.

But I have tried tons of other mascaras, I still do try some others occasionally, and nothing does the trick like this one: it makes me look like I have a million full thick jet black lashes.


  1. This is my favorite mascara too! The only high end mascara that I feel is worth the money! YAY!


  2. I have hear so many good things about this mascara! It really is too bad that it is so $$$$. Have you found a drugstore mascara that is similar to it? I personally love CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume. Please follow me on my new beauty blog:


  3. Have you tried Dior Iconic? It has kinda been rocking my world.


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