September 19, 2011

30-30 : #15

15. Do you wear blush?

When I was a teenager, I read an article in a young girl's magazine that said "Blush: even if you don't wear makeup, you should wear some, that will make you look fresh, awake and alive".
Lesson learned! Of course I do wear blush, I LOVE blush! Peach ones, particularly.

Peach blush gallore! I have more...

Me, wearing not much more than foundation, mascara and... blush!
And I still believe that blush is the one thing that makes your face alive, if there's one thing I don't skip, it's blush!


  1. I agree, I'm a big blush fan too.I just picked up the new one by Sleek it's called Suede, it's gorgeous. I can't read the small print on your photo, what's the name of the MAC blush? x

  2. @ Stacey: it's Nuance, I'm afraid it's not sold anymore as it was from a mineralize collection from 2008 - I'll be very sad when it's up.

  3. Ahh ok, thanks, it's a shame when our favs aren't available anymore. It's a beautiful shade x

  4. Oh, don't be so sad- you know MAC recycles everything! It'll probably come around again!


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