September 19, 2011

30-30: #16

16. Do you copy celebrity make up looks?

Yes, and no. I rarely do an exact copy of a celebrity look. I can copy a general style idea, though - I do that all the time with the Mad Men ladies for example.

Liner and red lips <3

What can happen, however, is that I follow a video tutorial for a celebrity's look, not because I noticed the celebrity, but because I loved the look in the tutorial.


  1. I don't copy looks, but there are things they sometimes do that I love. For instance, years ago I saw Drew Barrymore rock this crazy awesome yellow eyeshadow. It stuck in my head because I've looked for years for a similarly brightly hued color. I think I finally found one at Sephora. But yeah, I don't do intentional copies, more just inspiration. : )


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