September 26, 2011

Becca Lost Week-End palette review

Moleskin, Chino (matte) and Moiré (shimmery)

I received a message on a makeup forum from a fellow member who wanted to know my opinion on the Becca Lost Week-End palette, and so I realized I had not reviewed it yet.
I have worn these eyeshadows several times and I must say I really love them.

As for all the Becca palettes I have, the eyeshadow texture is a dream: easy to apply, easy to blend, stays on very well (but then I always wear primer). The pigmentation, as always, is also very good. Sometimes I find Becca eyeshadows don't show up as much as I'd like on me (like the ones in the Halcyon Days) but it's always because the shade is intended to be pale, not because the pigmentation is poor.
With this palette, I find Chino, the darkest shade, to be particularly intense and I absolutely love it.

Lost Week-End versus Enigma.

BECCA+Lost Weekend13
Pic from Modesty Brown.
If I was hesitant at first at getting Lost Week-End, it's because I felt it looked a lot like the Enigma palette from last year. And, let's be honest, the promo pictures weren't very helpful for me to compare both palettes.

Lost Week-End look

Fallen Angel (Enigma e/s palette) look

But as you can see, they are very different, in the sense that Lost Week-End is definitely warmer than Enigma.
For me, Enigma is almost too cool toned to be worn all year long, I keep it for the gloomiest days of the Winter. Lost Week-End, though, works perfectly in those last Summer days.

I would say that if you are cool toned, Enigma would probably be a better option for you, while Lost Week-End would be better for neutral and warm skintones.

More beautiful pictures and excellent swatches of Lost Week-End on Modesty Brown.

The palette is available from Becca or Zuneta for €40 - USD 49.


  1. I LOVE the Becca visuals - my favourite all time makeup promos - and this palette looks like my kind of thing :)

  2. @ Laura: It does look like it, even though the darker shades are matte you can always layer Moiré over them to bring light and shimmer in a very nice way :)

  3. I love those colors. I typically wear brown eyeshadow with an iridescent white base to highlight my brow and give the brown a bit of shimmer. It's my work makeup (you know what I do, so you know that getting dirty is part of the deal). But I would love those browns for a nice weekend look, too. Love it with a bit of bronzer on my cheekbones.

    : )


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