September 21, 2011

Favorite face charts from S-S Fashion Week

They're all Nars (so far), and there are five of them!

I'm loving this "sun burnt"look. I know it won't be classified as wearable outside of the catwalk but it's just my favorite of the bunch. I might wear it, I think.

Nars for Timo Weiland.

Number 2 in my top features Monsieur François Nars himself, creating this all-about-the-lashes look for Marc Jacobs.

There's nothing else on the eyes than a million layers of Larger Than Life mascara - no falsies, nothing. I love its simplicity and the femininity brought by the lashes.

The look created for Honor was all about the lashes as well, but in a more extreme way. More doll like maybe, minus a blush that would have made the skin and the girl look like China.

Then a much more classical look, greyish smokey eyes and slightly red lips - this one was for Naeem Khan.
Very pretty in my opinion, but not very original.

Makeup artist James Boehmer for Naeem Khan

Any look from the catwalk that caught your attention?

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