September 6, 2011

Givenchy Je Veux La Lune (Fall-Winter 2001)

While I was shopping for more Chanel, the new Givenchy collection caught my eye.
I had actually seen the promo pictures a few months ago and thought that they looked stunning and this would be a collection I'd need to check out. It's called "Je Veux La Lune", which means "I want the moon" - a French expression meaning that you want everything including the impossible.

The product that immediately looked appealing in real life was their Prisme Blush Glow in Lune Rosée (pinkish moon)

Several things looked interesting:
- the apparent opposition between the different colors, with the orange contrasting with the pinks
- the shimmery look that reminded me of Japanese brands blushes
- and, once swatched, the product looked not that pigmented but more infused with glow in a particular manner - the kind of light that the moon would project!

So I got it, and here's me wearing it:

How pretty is that, if I may say so myself? It makes me think of Mac MSF's but without the obvious glitter that can emphasize pores and look unnatural.
Definitely a blush that will look gorgeous on pale Fall-Winter skin, used alone or layered!

Givenchy Prisme Glow blush in 41 Lune Rosee, limited edition, USD 46 - €29

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  1. I love that promo image! Really want to have a look at the dark lipgloss

    Lune Rosee looks beautiful on you


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