September 1, 2011

Matchy makeup, take 2!

After Monday's trial with berry tones, I'm giving this trend another go, staying in the same color family that Lisa Eldridge used.
However I don't have anything that brick-toned in my collection, so I went for the very first Mac Blush I ever bought: Coppertone.

Coppertone is, as you would have guessed, a kind of warm Terracotta color with coppery tones and it has a matte finish.

So of course, I'm wearing Coppertone placed quite high on the cheeks.
On the lids, I used a mix of Rubenesque and Indianwood paintpots as a base, before putting Coppertone on top. I have no other shadows on, it's just a wash of color.

On the lips, I used Mac Charismatic, one of my all time favorites.
I think this is a very wearable, non dramatic look. I'm going to try and find a nailpolish that matches it so I can redo the whole thing with matchy nails as well!

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