September 18, 2011

Skin Situation Update

So I told you a week ago that I was going back to basics in terms of skincare routine to fight the dull skin I was getting in these gloomy early Fall days. That implied mostly going back to OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) and using a few staples.

Three days into that routine, I went through major purging. For those who don't know, purging can happen when you use skincare products or routines meant to unclog pore. This is not an allergic reaction nor a real breakout - purging is about already clogged pores turning into little white heads zits.
Well on day 3, I had about 20 of these little zits all over my t-zone (where I typically have clogged pores). I don't remember having had so many of these at the same time, it was a bit stressing but I knew it was a sign that the routine was working and it wouldn't last long. Purging lasts 7-10 days, if the situation persists any longer then you're not purging, your breaking out and something in your routine is not working for you.

I used Avene Diacneal (Glycolic Acid 6% and Retinaldheids - now discontinued and replaced by Tri-Acneal) on these little zits and that helped a lot, they would typically be gone in 2-3 days thanks to it. I do believe that the Vitamin C serum has helped clearing the skin as well.

I also got one cystic pimple, which I never ever get, on my browbone and it was very painful. It was gone in 5 days with the same Diacneal.

So here we are after 9 days: I have new clear baby skin again!

Here's me on Friday, wearing foundation (Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua):

In case you wonder: lipstick is Mac Girl About Town

And this is me yesterday, with just a bit of Origin Vita Zings and Double Wear Concealer under the eyes.

Sorry for the hair in the lashes! Lipstick is Beauté Masochist
Residual white head under the left eye but that's no big deal :)
So yes, good skin is back and this is a relief! I am going to keep up with this routine, of course, especially making sure that I keep using OCM with castor oil 3 times a week at least, and it looks like my skin is always better when I use some kind of Vitamin C serum, so we're going to have to incorporate that permanently!

Do you have any good skin secret to share?

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