September 12, 2011

Skincare Routine update: back to serious stuff.

So I have been a bit lazy lately with my skincare. Don't freak out, I haven't been going to bed without removing my makeup. But I have not been good at doing everything that works for me, out of pure laziness. 
My skin is complaining: congested pores and blackheads are back, dry patches make their way back as the weather is getting cooler, and I just don't like the general appearance of my skin much these days. The season change is probably not helping either.
That's why I need to go back to my basics and do what I know works for me. Since this week-end I have been using this routine.


Cleanse the night away with Bioderma Crealine H2O.
Rinse off with warm water and a Konjac sponge.

Prime skin with serum, either my Oskia Get Up And Glow (for dull days where I need instant radiance)  or my Red Radiance Perfecting Serum (review coming later).


Oil Cleansing method with my own blend of Almond oil and Castor oil.
Rinse off with hot water and moslin cloth.

For nights where I'm really tired and late, or if my skin gets dry because of the Castor oil,
 Shu Uemura cleansing oil for dry skin.

For the next 21 days,  Aqualia Antiox 10% vit C serum.

Moisturize with either DayWear Plus cream for combination skin,
every 3 days I replace it by Avene Cleanance K that contains AHA-BHA.

I'll be sure to keep you udpdated on how fast and how well this "new" regime works!


  1. Hey gorgeous! Same thing here. I have been struggling with bad cystic acne again (ugly pics on my blog soon :s) for the past month and I hope I can blame the beauty pills I took (my cure will be over Wednesday woot woot).

    By now, I am using Esthederm which after a lil week of intensive testing is worth the hype IMO. It does really help with dehydration and blackheads.
    Will see if my skin freaks out later one (please do not do that to me :))) <3

  2. @ Lambda: oh I can't wait to see what you think of Esthederm if it works with blackheads. I'm purging like crazy right now, I have like 20 little zits all over my t-zone :((

    @Evelien: been using it for 5-6 years, I just love it too!

  3. I know the season change is not being kind to my skin- nor is the fact that were swinging 30º temperature shifts in the space of a day or two- skin doesn't know what to do!

    I don't know if it's the look of the product or simply your recommendations sinking in, but I'm very intrigued by the Bioderma Crealine! It just looks like it would work. May have to hunt some down- looks like it runs about $20ish USD on Amazon- is that a decent transfer rate, or do you think it would be worth my while to hunt around some more?

  4. @ Jessica: a 500ml bottle is 12€ in France, that's about 16-17USD I believe and you'd need to have it shipped and it's heavy... so I think it's a deal.


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