September 9, 2011

This ain't gonna be a Lost Week-End

Yes, cheesy title to introduce you to Becca's new collection for Fall-Winter. But what can I say, it's Friday, I'm exhausted after a hell of a week, and the idea that a week-end would be lost in any way is unbearable.
That almost put me off buying this beautiful eyeshadow palette.

I said almost - Zuneta tempted me with a gift with purchase, and the colors were too pretty to resist anyway!

So here's a quick look I did with it, and I'll be reviewing the products more in depth next week!

I'm very much afraid that this kind of looks on a Friday make working girls look more tired than sexy, but whatever - I find it very pretty and it was super easy to do.

Happy Friday!

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  1. The palette looks beautiful on you!! I love the colours!


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