September 5, 2011

We went back for more Chanel (and FOTD)

So I told you I had received the Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Fantasme as a birthday gift and I liked it a lot.
I actually liked it so much that I went back for more, and got quite the opposite color: Mirifique.

The first time I swatched it, I thought Mirifique was stunning, with its jet black color and the glitter particles in it, but I also thought I wouldn't have many occasions to wear that kind of color.
But I saw more and more looks on the web featuring this stunning color, and I also noticed lots of people were wearing it as a liner, so I decided that the purchase was, after all, justified :-)

I wanted to give it a play this week-end but since the weather was unbearably hot and my Saturday nights aren't spent in fancy clubs, the total black look seemed a little bit too much. So I just smoked out the product with a Mac 217 brush on top of a lighter color. I also used it as a liner on top and bottom lashline.

Let's do a closeup attempt

I am absolutely in love with that product, even though like all blacks I've ever worn, it turns blueish on me when blended. And I do believe that using it smoked out in the outer corner makes Mirifique more usable for everyday wear.

And, while I was at it, I also got Peridot nailpolish.

Now of course, no picture can capture the complexity of this color (especially a picture taken by me on a Monday morning while getting ready for work in a rush!)

I didn't think much of Peridot when I started seeing it online, but then you know how it is when a product is hyped: you suddenly feel the need to get it too. Laura's tweets and blogposts about her quest for it didn't help, I must say, as I almost felt guilty for passing on something that I could easily get when so many people were desperately looking for it.
I'm now very happy I got this nailpolish as I do think the color looks stunning and even if it's not the kind of color that I like per se, it does look pretty on my hands and it has enough complexity to keep me staring at it. It's a winner!
NB: the pic was taken after 36 hours of wear and no chipping at all even though I lazily applied 2 coats with no base or top coat - kudos, Chanel!

So, are you tempted now? ;-)


  1. I love Chanel - and wow, that gold polish is really pretty! Great idea to take the pic against a white MAC keyboard - really makes the colour pop!

  2. I've added these shadows to my Christmas list :) and the nail polish is gorgeous.


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