September 22, 2011

Yes, bright blue smokeys can be work appropriate (Nars Outremer FOTD inside)

Yes, some more Nars again today!
The minute I saw this promo picture for the Nars Fall 2011 collection, I knew I would need this gorgeous eyeshadow - it's a single called Outremer.

Although the promo look might not be the most wearable for daytime, I thought the color itself should be usable and that, combined with black, it could work even for a work day. So here's what I did:

On the eyes: Nars eyeshadow primer, Nars Outremer and UD 24/7 Zero pencil to line. No other base than the primer was used under the eyeshadow.

For the record, other products used are Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B10, Illamasqua Lover blush combined with Givenchy Prisme glow blush in Lune Rosee, and Mac Ravishing on the lips.

I absolutely adore the look, and I got tons of compliments on it. However, like any matte shadow, and particularly any matte Nars eyeshadow, Outremer isn't the easiest to work with. Here comes a close-up for educational purposes :

The eyeshadow is relatively easy to pack on with a flat shader blush, and is well blendable. BUT... it's hard to get an evenly pigmented layer of color (my eyes being slightly hooded, when they're open, there's some rubbing going on I guess), and it's not easy to blend without having the color disappearing almost completely.
Now I wouldn't say this is mission impossible, I wouldn't say it's as hard to work with as Daphne from last year is (that one wouldn't apply evenly no matter what). But it's a bit of work and even though this look was ok for me to wear at work, it's definitely not the kind of thing you can easily slap on in 3 minutes on a busy morning.

It is, however, a gorgeous color. And if you want to see it in action in a different, more dramatic way (closer to the promotional pic, actually), go check out my friend Jen over at My Funny Valentin - she's rocking Outremer. 


  1. You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in these pictures. I love the way you used the MARS shadow. You are right. It totally works for the day! Rock It!

  2. Love that shade, so gorgeous! You've inspired me to rock more colorful eye looks to work as well - fortunately I can wear whatever I want for the time being!

  3. Love the look and the shade- I have an old Estee Lauder one that's very similar, but applies relatively easy. I'm so glad you mentioned the blending issues that Nars has- I can't understand why they have such a great reputation for shadows when, in my experience, the pay off is never as good as it looks in the pan, they're tough to apply, and seem to disappear as your putting them on! I can't help but think that there's got to be a similar shade out there that would turn this into a that out-the-door in 3 minutes look. Inglot, or maybe Kryolan or Ben Nye?

  4. @Jess: the color is fabulous, I don't know how dupable it is and I usually just accept that mattes are supposedly always hard to work with so I never really question that issue. But maybe pro brands would indeed have better alternatives. Inglot mose definitely, I'd say, but I have no access to them!


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