October 31, 2011

30-30 #20

20. Favourite eyeshadow primer?

Nars Smudgeproof eyeshadow primer. I've tried them all, it's the best: it lasts all day and it doesn't make blending more difficult, unlike UD Primer Potion does. The formula stays stable, unlike the Too Faced Shadow Insurance one. I go about 8 months with a tube, and I have been using nothing else but this since it first came out, so I'm down a couple of tubes already.

30-30 #19

19. Favourite concealer?

Busy as I was with work, I totally forgot about this for the whole month of October. Shame on me!
But I'm going to finish this series, I swear!

My favorite concealer... I have 2, one is the most effective, and one is the most effective I can get when I'm lazy :)

The best is definitely Bobbi Brown creamy concealer.

This really hides everything and once it's set with the pale yellow powder that comes with it, it doesn't move around and it doesn't look cakey either.

Now if I am in a hurry, the next best thing is Estee Lauder Double Wear.

You need the tiniest amount as this is super pigmented and a bit thick in texture. It's a bit more drying than the Bobbi Brown cream, and you don't need to powder it. It's not perfect but it does a really good job too.

October 30, 2011

Cool Toned FOTD - yay, or nay?

I don't know what it is with the daylight these days, but I either look washed out on these car pics, or I look like a bunny trapped in a truck's lights. (No, you don't see those pics on here).

Anyway, I wanted to give a completely cool toned look a try this week-end, and so I grabbed my Nars Melusine duo.

I'm still hesitant on this one. I put it up for sales at some point, then it didn't go and I thought that meant I should give it another chance. I particularly like the light lilac side. But on the other hand I always feel weird when I look at myself wearing a very cool-toned look.

The blush is Givenchy Prisme Glow in Lune Rosée, applied with a heavy hand (since it's very transparent) and definitely very cool toned as you can see in the picture above. Lipstick is Mac Fanfare, a new favorite of mine.
Maybe the foundation I used (Becca LSC in Nude combined with Becca foundation stick in Praline) was too golden toned to go well with the rest? Maybe cool tones are just not for me, or maybe only when I warm them up with peachy cheeks and lips...
And so, I remain uncertain about this eyeshadow duo and this whole look...

October 28, 2011

Institut Esthederm Cellular Water - a review

Esthederm is definitely not the most hyped brand on the market, as they don't communicate much about their products. They do, however, have a pool of loyal customers who keep coming back to the products for their excellence. Word of mouth is key here, and that's how I first heard about the Cellular Water.

Esthederm philosophy.
For Esthederm, your skin is an eco-system. It interacts with your environment, your general physical state, and it evolves and changes over time. With their products, Esthederm aims at reconciling your skin and its requirement with these other factors.

The Cellular Water.
This is one of the most important products of the range. It was created in 1999 and is supposed to mimic the water that your skin contains. All the Esthederm cares and routines are based on this water, which is also used as an active ingredient in some of the skincare products of the brand. 

The product we're talking about it is the pure water in its spray bottle. It contains lots of minerals and revitalizes your skin - you can use it on the face or on the body, and spray it on before applying skincare, or makeup, or even during the day on top of your makeup, as often as you want. It will revitalize dull and dehydrated skin, and help it regain natural balance and look healthy and glowy again.

Where regular thermal waters like Avene work great for people with particular skin conditions (eczema etc...), Esthederm Cellular Water works best at restoring the optimal condition of a normal health that has gone unbalanced or dehydrated.

My experience with the product.

I trusted my friend who recommended it but I didn't expect it to work that good and that fast. This water literally soothed and calmed a few irritations I had on the neck after just one spritz, and it repaired the dry patches that were appearing on my cheeks after just a few sprays (used in combination with an appropriate skincare routine of course, but adding this really made a difference in the results!)

Let's put it this way: if I could marry that stuff, I would.

The Cellular Water comes in spray bottles of 100ml or 200ml. It is not cheap, the 100ml being priced at £14, €20 and I found the 200ml for USD 38.00 on the web.
However it works, so I'm ready to commit to the investment.

October 27, 2011

New things and old things FOTD

First FOTD pics in my new car, so new black and grey background, and I'm also featuring lots of new products from recent hauls.
First of all, Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation is my base of the day, so now you can see it in real action!

Then on the eyes, we have 3 Urban Decay shadows from the Mariposa palette: Money, Mushroom and Gunmetal. I added a tad bit of skimp in the inner corner but you barely see it here.

I guess I really can't resist a new Urban Decay palette, can I? Well I am not getting the new Book of Shadows, I much prefer this one and its neutral or not too bright colors.

Then on the lips we have Mac Fanfare. It's a nice rosy color, not exactly "my lips but better", a tad bit darker than that but I find it very pretty.
(And now I know why I never do lip swatching, I just hate seeing a close up of my mouth on picture)

For information, I'm wearing a tad bit of Dior Aurora bronzer, and a layering of Illamasqua Unrequited and Lover blushes on the cheeks - probably my favorite blush combination in the whole world!

Finally, for the nails, we're digging up an old color from last Winter: it's OPI Diva of Geneva. I saw it on Pinterest yesterday and had to wear it immediately! Good thing it didn't take me too much time to find it, considering the mess that my nailpolish stash is.

That's all, Folks! I hope I can keep taking FOTD pics for a bit but I'm seriously starting to lack daylight at that time of the day, right before I get to work.

October 25, 2011

What do beauty addicts do on a day off?

Well, a couple of options:
1/ they go shopping with another beauty addict and get an indecent amount of makeup
2/ they stay home and play with makeup, so they wear an über dramatic smokey eye to do the laundry
Or, in my case, they take 2 days off so they can do all of the above.

Here's one of the suspects I spotted yesterday during the little shopping session:

The problem with spending too much time on the same makeup forums is that you hear tons of things on a few hyper hyped items and miss on the rest. I had never heard of this palette before seeing it at Sephora yesterday, and it's a shame, really!
I was actually at the MUFE stand because I wanted a blue eyeshadow. You know how much I love blue for dramatic looks, as it suits me better than black. Plus, blue is completely on trend this season, and you can learn everything on how to wear it in a chic and modern way on this Guardian Beauty Column and video by makeup artist Sali Hugues.

I had found a gorgeous blue with some sparkles, but then my eyes fell on this palette. Which has practically the same blue in it. And which costed less than 2 single eyeshadows, but there are 8 colors in it. The calculation was fast, and I put back the single to get the palette.

I followed Makeup Forever's Advice by first placing the white as a highlight on the inner corner and under the brow, and then applying the champagne all over the lid. The blue came on top of that, but not before I had added Nars Larger Than Life liner in Rue Saint Honore on top top lid, to enhance the lashline. I kept the shape a bit rounded, pretty much as Sali Hugues did in her video, and I also left the waterline free. (False lashes and black liner on the inner rim might be great for a night out, but I'm wearing this during the day). Mascara is Illamasqua Masquara, which, I must say, got much better a couple of weeks after the tube was open and is now the perfect amount of volumizing for a smokey eye!

So here goes.

I kept the cheeks pretty neutral, using Rouge Bunny Rouge Starina blush (matte neutral peachy beige). I don't have my lipstick on but I'm going for a sheer shiny peach. I do agree with Salu Hugues that you should avoid pink tones with blue eye makeup, I think that is very 80's and not modern at all.

I found the MUFE shadows reasonably easy to work with: I didn't have to do too much layering to get the color intense enough, and I didn't have too much fall out during application. These are actually the first MUFE eyeshadows I own and I do like the quality.
This palette is limited edition for Sephora, it comes with 2 real brushes, not crappy sponge applicators, and I do think the whole kit is excellent value for money.

Oh, and of course, the nails are matching :)

This is Dior Blue Denim. I much much prefer the formulation and brush of the Chanel nailpolishes, unfortunately their blue collection wasn't released here, so I had to go with what was available.

Have you ladies followed the blue trend yet?

October 24, 2011

Foundation Review #29: Chanel Perfection Lumiere

Yes, we all know I need more foundations like I need a hole in the head, but honestly, how could a foundation addict like myself resist the temptation of a new Chanel foundation?
Especially as I have now declared a Chanel foundation to be my Holy Grail, that is Vitalumière Aqua, I'm even more curious of any new product they would launch.

You also have to admit that the promotional image is absolutely stunning...

What the brand says:
"Long-wear flawless fluid makeup with SPF10 - Effortless to apply, with seamless blendability for a naturally flawless effect, this breakthrough foundation is the ideal all-day, everyday formula – suitable for all skin types in a diverse range of 20 shades."

A replacement for Pro Lumiere?Pro Lumiere, which I had reviewed here, was certainly one of the most loved foundations amongst makeup professionals. Chanel discontinued it to introduce Perfection Lumiere, which was rumored to be a replacement or an improvement for it, but I must warn you right now that this is not the case, both products being very different.

The Pro's
  • A very fluid, easy to apply formula that come in a glass bottle with a pump
  • A light but delicious fruity smell, that doesn't linger on for too long
  • A medium coverage in one layer, that can be build up to full
  • A nice satin finish - it's not dewy at all, it's not matte either, I actually find it still looks like skin even though it makes it more even thanks to the good pigmentation
  • Long lasting - I can easily get along with 8 hours of wear before feeling the need for a touch up
  • 20 shades in the range, divided into Beige Rose (pink undertones) and Beige (yellow undertones) just like the Vitalumiere Aqua range
The Con's
  • I don't get the SPF 10. It's not enough to protect you agains the sun on its own, and it might be a problem in flash photography - although Chanel foundations notoriously photograph well despite the SPF. I haven't tried this one with flash, though.
  • As usual, Chanel has picked a limited selection of shades for each country. Even though my country has Vitalumiere Aqua in B10, the lightest shade offer for Perfection Lumiere is B20, so I had to go with that even though it's a bit too dark and too beige. I can make it work but it upsets me that I didn't have more choice. Also, we only have one BR shade, that is 12, the lightest one. I think it's an extremely limited choice.
  • Even though it's good that this bottle has a pump, the glass is quite heavy and bulky.
The comparison with Vitalumiere Aqua, and some other foundations.
While VA has a thicker, kind of gel like texture, Perfection Lumiere is definitely liquidy. I guess that's the reason why it's in a bottle and not in a plastic packaging like VA.
In terms of finish, I find there are a lot of similarities, but of course Perfection Lumiere can look at bit more dry because of the high pigmentation, while VA is obviously more sheer, hence more natural.
I think I could summarize things by saying that one layer of Perfection Lumiere looks like 2 good layers of Vitalumière Aqua. I still prefer VA for everyday use, especially as I find that it lasts for a very long time on me as well, but on days where I have redness or blotchiness to hide, it goes faster to apply one quick layer of Perfection Lumiere and be done with it than to build up more coverage with VA.

If I compare Perfection Lumiere with another high coverage, long lasting foundation that is Clarins Everlasting, I'd say the Clarins one is thicker and more creamy, but it's more matte and more drying and looks less natural on the skin.

If I compare it with Dior Skin Nude, which is very long lasting on me as well, I'd say that Perfection Lumiere is much less luminous/dewy and has more coverage.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere isn't cheap: €43 - USD 55.00, but it's an excellent foundation for anybody looking for flawless skin, natural finish, medium to full coverage and long lasting result.

October 18, 2011

Lierac Hydra Chrono Intense Rehydrating Balm - emergency hydration

Here we are: mid-October, central heating back on, and of course my skin is freaking out and getting dehydrated. That's when I used to turn to my LRP Hydraphase mask, but now that it's been discontinued and I've ran out of backups, I need to turn to plan B - which is this Lierac Intense Rehydrating Balm.

Things I like about it:
  • it's pink, even the product is bubblegummy pink
  • it smells good, bubblegummy again
  • you get a generous amount in the jar packaging
  • it's very nice to put on a good layer of this at night and go to bed, and not having to do anything more
Things I don't like as much about it:
  • it's a bit sticky, you might want to leave it on 10 min and wipe off the excess with a kleenex before going to sleep or your hair and pillow might not enjoy the night
  • it can tickle a bit on chapped skin
  • putting your fingers in a jar is less hygienic than using a tube packaging
  • the shelf life is 3 months after opening, which means that you can use this through Winter (I live dangerously and will use it 4-5 months) but then you need to let go of the remainings
  • it's expensive - $45.00 - €31
  • ultimately it doesn't work as well for me than the LRP product did, but it's the second best I could find on the market, and if I add LRP Cicaplast on chapped skin for daytime, I can survive!
All in all it's a very luxurious product, very nice to use and very enjoyable, and it does make your skin feel like it had a good drink. It's just not always enough for me, but that's my own skin. All in all, I still recommend it, and I have purchased it several times.

October 17, 2011

A Fall FOTD, and trying new stuff

This week-end I decided to try a bunch of new things. First of all, I got a sample of Givenchy Photo Perfexion that I had been meaning to try for a while. But, as per usual, the color was too dark for me so I needed to do that on a week-end to avoid possibly looking orange at the office.
The color is 4-Vanilla, which is easily an NC20-25, and I had to blend it down my neck and over my ears.

Then, I picked my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette and decided to wear colors that I hadn't wear before: Vanilla, Flow, Omen and Ace. I'm wearing neutrals most days so this was a nice change, and also a much cooler look than what I usually go for. 
As a blush, I used my Givenchy Prisme Glow in Lune Rosee.
I find it interesting that those cooler colors actually work quite well with the copper hair!

About Givenchy Photo Perfexion.
I can't call this a review, since I've worn the product for one day only, but I thought I'd share my thoughts in case any of you is thinking of getting this product.

  • This is a water-based foundation that has quite a lot of silicones in it. However, the formula is rather liquidy, much more so than Chanel Vitalumière Aqua which is also water based.
  • As soon as I applied (on bare skin, since I never wear moisturizer under foundation to avoid extra oil), I felt my skin getting a bit tight. I would really not recommend this to anyone with dry skin, unless the moisturize heavily underneath. I do think it would be more suitable for normal/combination and possibly oily skin.
  • The finish is quite matte. It took hours and hours before some natural oils started showing through, so it can look a bit flat. I did spritz with some Mac Fix+ to get some extra dewiness, but really this foundation is very matte.
  • The coverage is definitely medium-high. The product claims to make your skin look like it's been photo edited, and I do think it's true, but that of course requires a lot of coverage. I've been getting used to much lighter foundations these past months, and with this I couldn't see my skin through the product at all. I must say that it definitely erased pores and pigmentation, though.
  • The foundation is really long lasting. As I said at some point I saw some oilies shine through but that was after 8-10 hours.
  • I'd be tempted to say that it would be a great wedding foundation, unfortunately it's loaded with Titanium Dioxide, so definitely not suitable for flash photography. The SPF 20, PA+++ is great for daily wear, though.
No, I won't be purchasing this one. I enjoy my Clarins Everlasting when I want a good amount of coverage and a long-lasting result, and I feel that the creamier texture of the Clarins one is less drying for my skin. But Photo Perfexion was nevertheless a very nice foundation, as far as I could tell in one day.

PS: brows were defined with Shiseido Integrate lasting liquid eyebrow in 2. Brown. More on that later!

October 16, 2011

Not all micellar lotions were created equal, and other Sunday thingies.

I've been using the Bioderma Crealine H2O for years, even before reading beauty blogs. It has always been a no-brainer for me, when I was working in that industry I had received a training on the brand and had heard that this was the best removing product ever - had tried it, liked it and kept using it. The news that all professional makeup artists were using it only confirmed my choice.

However I kind of thought that micellar lotion was micellar lotion not matter the brand. And even though I have avoided the scented ones (like Caudalie for example) because my skin is sensitive, I believed that they were probably as effective.
Well, they're not.

While I was travelling last week, I grabbed a mini bottle of micellar lotion that I had received as a sample from another brand (online only and France only, I'll talk about that brand in a separate post), as I only needed product for one night. Bummer, that bad boy didn't remotely remove as much makeup as the Bioderma one!
Once back home I checked the ingredients for both products and the formulas are completely different.
So, be warned ladies: micellar lotion is not the same thing once and for all, they're very different and not equally effective. So I won't be going away from Bioderma again, even for one night.

Other than that, we are enjoying a very pretty Fall week-end! Even if the central heating is now back on, which impacts my skin and will cause me to review new skincare items in the coming days, the days are really sunny and almost warm. Perfect weather to go talk a walk at the park and take some nice pics.

Can you believe how blue the sky is, and how green the leaves still are? That's pretty unusual for October 15th!

I hope you ladies are having a nice week-end as well!

EDIT: where to buy Bioderma outside of France.
As an FYI, you can find this product on Amazon. The price is actually equivalent to what I pay in € where I live.
In the UK you can get it from GuruMakeupEmporium, again for an equivalent price.
If I hear of any place that is safe to order from and possibly cheaper, I'll be adding it here, but for now, you know you won't have any issues ordering from these 2.

October 13, 2011


This week, I randomly started watching the few first episodes of the new Pan Am TV show.
Anything situated in the Mad Men time area should be interesting, at least for clothes and makeup, so why not? Well, I don't know what to think of the show yet, but on that field, I haven't been disappointed: it's beauty and glamour all the way!
Look at Cristina Ricci, doesn't she rock that glamorous stewardess look?

Since watching the show I've been all about winged liner again - I really think I could wear only this for the rest of my life. I mean, I know I'd get bored quickly but if I had to pick just ONE look, that would be the one.

Liner is Bobbi Brown Cobalt Ink
Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B10
Blush: Dior Aurora bronzer + Illamasqua Ambition

To add more Pan Am feeling to my whole look, I've been rocking the pencil skirts and waist hugging dresses as well, that is such a flattering, classy and timeless look.
Here's a bad office-bathroom-shot of myself in one of my newest Cobalt Blue dresses (by Esprit), it goes to the knees and I'm wearing Cognac high boots with it. I'm giving a presentation to our Vice President in an hour, so that's my serious business outfit of the day, Pan Am style!

Actually not the most flattering angle nor light but you get the idea

Have you been watching the show? What do you think of it?

October 10, 2011

Have a little Ambition

With the beautiful Theatre of the Nameless collection, Illamasqua released their first two shimmery blushes: Morale and Ambition.
I was very excited about that because I love the Illamasqua blushes and so far could not rely on them for anything but matte shades (I love matte blushes, luckily) - so for a start, I got Ambition.

Ambition is described as a neutral color, but I'm not totally sure about that. It's actually quite difficult to photograph to show up the real color (I tried, trust me) and all the online pictures I found seemed inaccurate to me. 
I would describe it as a rosey pink with flexes of gold in it. It does remind me of Nars Deep Throat but in a deeper, mauve version - which indeeds makes it more neutral but still not completely neutral in my book.

Anyway, here's me wearing it this week-end.

I love how it highlights the cheeks thanks to the gold glitter. Yes I said glitter, you'll find some on your cheeks, let's face that. But it's so pretty!
And, like all my other Illamasqua blushers, it's pigmented and lasts all day. That's why I've been wearing this one a lot over the past 2 weeks.

Other products featured on the pic are Becca Luminous Skin Color in Nude with Becca Cream Foundation in Praline, and on the eyes, Nars Tsarine duo and YSL Faux-Cils mascara.

Now the question is, do I need Morale, too?

October 7, 2011

When in doubt, always go for the red.

That's what I do for shoes, for lips, and so that's what I decided to do for hair as well.
Red is just perfect for Fall in all kinds of ways.

Hair: L'Oreal Professionel Diacolor Richesse in 6.40 (coppery light brown) applied by myself, see here  for all the information on how to pick the right color and do that yourself.
Lips: Illamasqua Maneater

How easy is that?

October 5, 2011

Review: Estee Lauder Modern Mercury - Pure Color Liner in Graphite

The Fall-Winter collection for Estee Lauder is called Modern Mercury, and was created by Tom Pecheux. It is, as you would easily imagine for a Fall Winter collection, a mix of greyish eyeshadows and of deep lip shades. Nothing very original in my opinion - I mean the promotional look is stunning and I have no reason to doubt the quality of the products but for most of them, they feel like "been there done thate" for me.
The only thing that caught my eye in the eye product is the Pure Color liquid liner in Graphite.

This liquid liner comes with a felt tip kind of applicator (not always my favorite but it's mainstream nowadays). What made me purchase the product after I swatched it was the unique graphite color with silver sparkles, and the fact that it was staying on my hand really well even after some serious rubbing.

You can see on those pictures that the color is quite intense and that I managed to do a proper application of the product - without much difficulty, I must say. Good points for the applicator!

I actually prefer this liner to my Lancome Art Liner, I found it easier to apply and even more long-lasting. I think it's going to be very pretty with silvery Winter looks, but as you can see, it does work for a day at work as well!

Pure Color liner in Graphite - £19, $21, €24 (yeah, bad exchange rate strikes again).

October 4, 2011

Brow dilemmas and liquid highlighters

If there's one thing I could change in my face, that would be my brows. (OK, I can think of a couple of other things, but right now I'm obsessed with my brows).
They're sparse, they're light, they have barely survived years of butchering performed by so called beauticians (because I was scared I'd do something bad to them if I did them myself - I was young and clueless) and so they require a bit of work every morning.
 I have come to the realization that when it comes to filling them in, there is not one solution that will work for me all the time. Yes ladies: brows have a growth cycle. And depending where they stand in this cycle, I find that some products work better than others.
(Oh and of course, the cycle isn't identical on both side, so I usually have one nice looking brow and one crappy brow. Or two crappy ones. Never two good brows at the same time, that'd be too easy)

Until now I have always managed to make things work with either pencils (Mac or Clinique) or powder (Illamasqua) and a bit of clear brow gel (Essence). Excepted that, this past week, nothing is working for me. The pencil gives a better result than the powder but doesn't last well because that area of my skin gets oily through long days. The powder stays on but isn't working well at that stage of the cycle. So, what to do, what to do?

Well, like often, the solution was hiding in a drawer in my makeup stash.

Namely: Kanebo Kate Liquid Eyebrow Pen

Several Japanese brands offer that kind of product that they call "one day tattoo brow". They look like a pen, the product is liquid, the tip is very fine, and you just draw on little hairs where you need them. The good thing is, once it's set, it won't move until you use an industrial strength makeup remover.

And well, right now, that's what works best for me! And it stays on perfectly till the end of my day. And well, I think it looks natural, or at least not more unnatural than pencil or powder.

Of course, Murphy won't leave me alone: this product is now apparently discontinued. But I have already ordered a few similar pens from other Japanese brows, and hopefully I can find a good substitute - I'll keep you updated.

Other products featured in this pic include Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B10, Nars Laguna Bronzer, Mac Dubonnet lipstick and also, on top of my cheeks, Becca Illuminate Wash.
Finally a liquid highlighter that isn't filled with glitter particles, that doesn't have a tint, that is easy to apply thanks to the little brush applicator and that looks good without being over the top. Much more wearable for a day look than the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors in my opinion, because, well, this Wash isn't shimmering!
You can get it from Zuneta but I was lucky to receive it as a gift with purchase when I ordered my Lost Week-End palette. 

October 3, 2011

Review: Illamasqua Masquara

With the Theatre of the Nameless collection, Illamasqua launched a new mascara - cleverly named Masquara (it's an easy one, but a good one). At this moment it is available in one shade called Raven, that Illamasqua describes as "Midnight black".

The color is as black as you would expect. The formula has a light chemical smell (reminded me of an old Rimme formula), but nothing overpowering, and is pretty wet upon application. It does, however, set very fast once you are done applying so if you want to layer a few coats of mascara, you have to do it fast and without interruption.

The brush is a rather big one, but with smaller bristles in between the larger ones. It's a rather classical bristle brush - since I hate the rubber ones, I find that pretty good.

Now how does this perform? Well Illamasqua is describing this as a very intense mascara that "lenghtens, defines and dramatises lashes to extremes". I have to totally agree on the first two points: it does define the lashes really well and it can lenghten them a whole lot if you layer the product a bit. I have to tell you that this isn't a one-quick-coat-and-you-are-done kind of mascara, it does require a bit of work. But the lengthening result is definitely visible, as you can see on those pictures:

Of course, my natural lashes aren't THAT long
Now does it "dramatise lashes to extremes"? In my opinion, not really. To me, drama comes with lenght and volume. This mascara isn't marketed as a volumising one, so I wasn't expecting anything in that field, but I really think that a bit more volume would have added some 'oomph' and made the result more dramatic.
You can judge for yourself on the full-face picture. And please note that I added a bit of black pencil between the upper lashes for more definition.

I have to conclude, once again, that for me this doesn't beat my beloved YSL Faux-Cils. It is an excellent mascara and the jet black color and defining brush are definitely good points. At 15£ it is also cheaper than a lot of high end mascaras (at least where I live), but I'm afraid YSL has gotten me used to much more drama even for daily use and with this one, I feel like I should add falsies to achieve that kind of result.

EDIT: 2 important things I forgot to mention! 1/ this isn't waterproof, but as far as I'm concerned, it does resist a good cry and 2/ it's not difficult to remove either!

October 2, 2011

Random things I like Sunday

Raquel Welsh

As much as I love changing looks every day and trying tons of different things, I always feel nothing is remotely as flattering as those 60's cat eyes looks.

Pic from Chictopia
Layering clothes so I can bring my little Summer dresses into Fall. Well, these days, Summer is pretty much back and I can wear them with bare legs, but we all know that won't last. Adding tights, boots and a cardi makes you Fall ready!

Anna Torv
Fringe season 4 has begun and I'm super excited for it! Plus I love Anna Torv and her understated look, a true natural beauty!

The new place where I spend hours pinning pictures of all kind of stuff. Create an account at your own risk, it's highly addictive!

Sara Bareilles - Gonna Get Over You: love the song, adore the makeup she's wearing in it, and the end of the clip is super funny.

Happy Sunday!