October 31, 2011

30-30 #19

19. Favourite concealer?

Busy as I was with work, I totally forgot about this for the whole month of October. Shame on me!
But I'm going to finish this series, I swear!

My favorite concealer... I have 2, one is the most effective, and one is the most effective I can get when I'm lazy :)

The best is definitely Bobbi Brown creamy concealer.

This really hides everything and once it's set with the pale yellow powder that comes with it, it doesn't move around and it doesn't look cakey either.

Now if I am in a hurry, the next best thing is Estee Lauder Double Wear.

You need the tiniest amount as this is super pigmented and a bit thick in texture. It's a bit more drying than the Bobbi Brown cream, and you don't need to powder it. It's not perfect but it does a really good job too.


  1. I love Bobbi Brown too. I only started using recently, but I'm a definite convert.

  2. Hey, quick question, are any of them waterproof as the Full Cover of Make-up for Ever ?

  3. @Ambrea: not that I know of, although the EL is very long lasting!


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