October 31, 2011

30-30 #20

20. Favourite eyeshadow primer?

Nars Smudgeproof eyeshadow primer. I've tried them all, it's the best: it lasts all day and it doesn't make blending more difficult, unlike UD Primer Potion does. The formula stays stable, unlike the Too Faced Shadow Insurance one. I go about 8 months with a tube, and I have been using nothing else but this since it first came out, so I'm down a couple of tubes already.


  1. Agreed!! By far the best I have come across. No stinging.. no allergy.. long lasting and it lasts a long time!! <3 it! xx

  2. I have yet to try this stuff. I always use MAC Paint Pots as a base and have no issues, but I would like to try this at some point too.

  3. If you haven't tried it yet, I'd highly recommend LORAC Behind the Scenes eye primer. I was a diehard Smashbox primer fan, and I've never understood the love for Urban Decay. I have serious creasing problems, and I think Urban Decay just isn't strong enough. I also like that the LORAC product comes in a tube rather than with a sponge applicator. It's got a sheer tint, less thick than some of the others, and comes off easily when it's time. I got mine in the US -- not sure if it's available in Europe.

    1. It's not, I'm afraid, but thanks for the advice!


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