October 30, 2011

Cool Toned FOTD - yay, or nay?

I don't know what it is with the daylight these days, but I either look washed out on these car pics, or I look like a bunny trapped in a truck's lights. (No, you don't see those pics on here).

Anyway, I wanted to give a completely cool toned look a try this week-end, and so I grabbed my Nars Melusine duo.

I'm still hesitant on this one. I put it up for sales at some point, then it didn't go and I thought that meant I should give it another chance. I particularly like the light lilac side. But on the other hand I always feel weird when I look at myself wearing a very cool-toned look.

The blush is Givenchy Prisme Glow in Lune Rosée, applied with a heavy hand (since it's very transparent) and definitely very cool toned as you can see in the picture above. Lipstick is Mac Fanfare, a new favorite of mine.
Maybe the foundation I used (Becca LSC in Nude combined with Becca foundation stick in Praline) was too golden toned to go well with the rest? Maybe cool tones are just not for me, or maybe only when I warm them up with peachy cheeks and lips...
And so, I remain uncertain about this eyeshadow duo and this whole look...


  1. Yay times a thousand! The purples and blues look stunning against your red hair.


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