October 17, 2011

A Fall FOTD, and trying new stuff

This week-end I decided to try a bunch of new things. First of all, I got a sample of Givenchy Photo Perfexion that I had been meaning to try for a while. But, as per usual, the color was too dark for me so I needed to do that on a week-end to avoid possibly looking orange at the office.
The color is 4-Vanilla, which is easily an NC20-25, and I had to blend it down my neck and over my ears.

Then, I picked my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette and decided to wear colors that I hadn't wear before: Vanilla, Flow, Omen and Ace. I'm wearing neutrals most days so this was a nice change, and also a much cooler look than what I usually go for. 
As a blush, I used my Givenchy Prisme Glow in Lune Rosee.
I find it interesting that those cooler colors actually work quite well with the copper hair!

About Givenchy Photo Perfexion.
I can't call this a review, since I've worn the product for one day only, but I thought I'd share my thoughts in case any of you is thinking of getting this product.

  • This is a water-based foundation that has quite a lot of silicones in it. However, the formula is rather liquidy, much more so than Chanel Vitalumière Aqua which is also water based.
  • As soon as I applied (on bare skin, since I never wear moisturizer under foundation to avoid extra oil), I felt my skin getting a bit tight. I would really not recommend this to anyone with dry skin, unless the moisturize heavily underneath. I do think it would be more suitable for normal/combination and possibly oily skin.
  • The finish is quite matte. It took hours and hours before some natural oils started showing through, so it can look a bit flat. I did spritz with some Mac Fix+ to get some extra dewiness, but really this foundation is very matte.
  • The coverage is definitely medium-high. The product claims to make your skin look like it's been photo edited, and I do think it's true, but that of course requires a lot of coverage. I've been getting used to much lighter foundations these past months, and with this I couldn't see my skin through the product at all. I must say that it definitely erased pores and pigmentation, though.
  • The foundation is really long lasting. As I said at some point I saw some oilies shine through but that was after 8-10 hours.
  • I'd be tempted to say that it would be a great wedding foundation, unfortunately it's loaded with Titanium Dioxide, so definitely not suitable for flash photography. The SPF 20, PA+++ is great for daily wear, though.
No, I won't be purchasing this one. I enjoy my Clarins Everlasting when I want a good amount of coverage and a long-lasting result, and I feel that the creamier texture of the Clarins one is less drying for my skin. But Photo Perfexion was nevertheless a very nice foundation, as far as I could tell in one day.

PS: brows were defined with Shiseido Integrate lasting liquid eyebrow in 2. Brown. More on that later!


  1. Agh! You had me sold on that foundation until you got the the part about TO and it not being photo stable :(
    I think that the makeup you chose for this FOTD looks absolutely lovely on you. Something about those soft cool colors, gorgeous!

  2. You look so pretty in that first picture! I love the eyeshadow, too! It amazes me you can do eyeshadow like that. I'm so lazy when it comes to shadow. Lol...but that's because I rub my eyes out of exhaustion so much during the day that I'm always smudging my eyeliner/eyeshadow. That's why I tend to keep it simple. But I could totally rock this for a but night out when I know better than to mess with my makeup. Lol...

  3. @ Mimi: thanks a lot! I never do cool colors but in Winter I'm so pale that they work better :)

    @Marty: thanks dear <3 You know, since it washes off, the risk of trying new things is zero, so from that, the possibilities are endless! I wish you were closer and we could have a makeup play to try new things on you!

  4. The foundation sounds really good! Thanks for sharing.

    You look great in your pics!! Those cool colours really suit you.

  5. @Lo: got it in Sicily last year, am absolutely in love with it :)


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