October 28, 2011

Institut Esthederm Cellular Water - a review

Esthederm is definitely not the most hyped brand on the market, as they don't communicate much about their products. They do, however, have a pool of loyal customers who keep coming back to the products for their excellence. Word of mouth is key here, and that's how I first heard about the Cellular Water.

Esthederm philosophy.
For Esthederm, your skin is an eco-system. It interacts with your environment, your general physical state, and it evolves and changes over time. With their products, Esthederm aims at reconciling your skin and its requirement with these other factors.

The Cellular Water.
This is one of the most important products of the range. It was created in 1999 and is supposed to mimic the water that your skin contains. All the Esthederm cares and routines are based on this water, which is also used as an active ingredient in some of the skincare products of the brand. 

The product we're talking about it is the pure water in its spray bottle. It contains lots of minerals and revitalizes your skin - you can use it on the face or on the body, and spray it on before applying skincare, or makeup, or even during the day on top of your makeup, as often as you want. It will revitalize dull and dehydrated skin, and help it regain natural balance and look healthy and glowy again.

Where regular thermal waters like Avene work great for people with particular skin conditions (eczema etc...), Esthederm Cellular Water works best at restoring the optimal condition of a normal health that has gone unbalanced or dehydrated.

My experience with the product.

I trusted my friend who recommended it but I didn't expect it to work that good and that fast. This water literally soothed and calmed a few irritations I had on the neck after just one spritz, and it repaired the dry patches that were appearing on my cheeks after just a few sprays (used in combination with an appropriate skincare routine of course, but adding this really made a difference in the results!)

Let's put it this way: if I could marry that stuff, I would.

The Cellular Water comes in spray bottles of 100ml or 200ml. It is not cheap, the 100ml being priced at £14, €20 and I found the 200ml for USD 38.00 on the web.
However it works, so I'm ready to commit to the investment.


  1. This sounds very interesting indeed. Can it be used in place of a toner or after toning? I'm using La Roche Posay stuff at the moment but i'm thinking this could tie in nicely with those products.


  2. @Pandora: I'm sure it would be perfect used this way as well (and I love LRP toners :-) )


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