October 18, 2011

Lierac Hydra Chrono Intense Rehydrating Balm - emergency hydration

Here we are: mid-October, central heating back on, and of course my skin is freaking out and getting dehydrated. That's when I used to turn to my LRP Hydraphase mask, but now that it's been discontinued and I've ran out of backups, I need to turn to plan B - which is this Lierac Intense Rehydrating Balm.

Things I like about it:
  • it's pink, even the product is bubblegummy pink
  • it smells good, bubblegummy again
  • you get a generous amount in the jar packaging
  • it's very nice to put on a good layer of this at night and go to bed, and not having to do anything more
Things I don't like as much about it:
  • it's a bit sticky, you might want to leave it on 10 min and wipe off the excess with a kleenex before going to sleep or your hair and pillow might not enjoy the night
  • it can tickle a bit on chapped skin
  • putting your fingers in a jar is less hygienic than using a tube packaging
  • the shelf life is 3 months after opening, which means that you can use this through Winter (I live dangerously and will use it 4-5 months) but then you need to let go of the remainings
  • it's expensive - $45.00 - €31
  • ultimately it doesn't work as well for me than the LRP product did, but it's the second best I could find on the market, and if I add LRP Cicaplast on chapped skin for daytime, I can survive!
All in all it's a very luxurious product, very nice to use and very enjoyable, and it does make your skin feel like it had a good drink. It's just not always enough for me, but that's my own skin. All in all, I still recommend it, and I have purchased it several times.

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