October 27, 2011

New things and old things FOTD

First FOTD pics in my new car, so new black and grey background, and I'm also featuring lots of new products from recent hauls.
First of all, Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation is my base of the day, so now you can see it in real action!

Then on the eyes, we have 3 Urban Decay shadows from the Mariposa palette: Money, Mushroom and Gunmetal. I added a tad bit of skimp in the inner corner but you barely see it here.

I guess I really can't resist a new Urban Decay palette, can I? Well I am not getting the new Book of Shadows, I much prefer this one and its neutral or not too bright colors.

Then on the lips we have Mac Fanfare. It's a nice rosy color, not exactly "my lips but better", a tad bit darker than that but I find it very pretty.
(And now I know why I never do lip swatching, I just hate seeing a close up of my mouth on picture)

For information, I'm wearing a tad bit of Dior Aurora bronzer, and a layering of Illamasqua Unrequited and Lover blushes on the cheeks - probably my favorite blush combination in the whole world!

Finally, for the nails, we're digging up an old color from last Winter: it's OPI Diva of Geneva. I saw it on Pinterest yesterday and had to wear it immediately! Good thing it didn't take me too much time to find it, considering the mess that my nailpolish stash is.

That's all, Folks! I hope I can keep taking FOTD pics for a bit but I'm seriously starting to lack daylight at that time of the day, right before I get to work.


  1. Love the nails, and you already know how I feel about your face! ♥♥


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