October 16, 2011

Not all micellar lotions were created equal, and other Sunday thingies.

I've been using the Bioderma Crealine H2O for years, even before reading beauty blogs. It has always been a no-brainer for me, when I was working in that industry I had received a training on the brand and had heard that this was the best removing product ever - had tried it, liked it and kept using it. The news that all professional makeup artists were using it only confirmed my choice.

However I kind of thought that micellar lotion was micellar lotion not matter the brand. And even though I have avoided the scented ones (like Caudalie for example) because my skin is sensitive, I believed that they were probably as effective.
Well, they're not.

While I was travelling last week, I grabbed a mini bottle of micellar lotion that I had received as a sample from another brand (online only and France only, I'll talk about that brand in a separate post), as I only needed product for one night. Bummer, that bad boy didn't remotely remove as much makeup as the Bioderma one!
Once back home I checked the ingredients for both products and the formulas are completely different.
So, be warned ladies: micellar lotion is not the same thing once and for all, they're very different and not equally effective. So I won't be going away from Bioderma again, even for one night.

Other than that, we are enjoying a very pretty Fall week-end! Even if the central heating is now back on, which impacts my skin and will cause me to review new skincare items in the coming days, the days are really sunny and almost warm. Perfect weather to go talk a walk at the park and take some nice pics.

Can you believe how blue the sky is, and how green the leaves still are? That's pretty unusual for October 15th!

I hope you ladies are having a nice week-end as well!

EDIT: where to buy Bioderma outside of France.
As an FYI, you can find this product on Amazon. The price is actually equivalent to what I pay in € where I live.
In the UK you can get it from GuruMakeupEmporium, again for an equivalent price.
If I hear of any place that is safe to order from and possibly cheaper, I'll be adding it here, but for now, you know you won't have any issues ordering from these 2.


  1. I've been dying to try this for ages and I've finally ordered some! I found somewhere that has it in the UK. This stuff is like gold dust over here!

  2. Same experience here: other micellar waters are a disappointment.

  3. Here in Quebec leaves are orange and falling like crazy =(
    Winter is coming =(

  4. Ordered two 500ml bottles from a French pharmacy that was on eBay to Ireland. They were badly packaged even though i paid €15 for the packaging (in a brown envelope with bubble wrap on the outside) and both plastic bottle lids shattered and there wasn't a drop of bioderma left. I was so looking forward to trying it I was refunded for the product but not packaging. Still dying to get my hands on a bottle.

  5. @ Laura: I guess I need to do a bit of research on where you guys can order it safely for international shipping! Will do that!

    @Dayday: I think our trees are confused by the weather changes from cold to hot

  6. We had also really unusually hot time in September and October but ah =( It's 7 degree this morning!!!!


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