October 3, 2011

Review: Illamasqua Masquara

With the Theatre of the Nameless collection, Illamasqua launched a new mascara - cleverly named Masquara (it's an easy one, but a good one). At this moment it is available in one shade called Raven, that Illamasqua describes as "Midnight black".

The color is as black as you would expect. The formula has a light chemical smell (reminded me of an old Rimme formula), but nothing overpowering, and is pretty wet upon application. It does, however, set very fast once you are done applying so if you want to layer a few coats of mascara, you have to do it fast and without interruption.

The brush is a rather big one, but with smaller bristles in between the larger ones. It's a rather classical bristle brush - since I hate the rubber ones, I find that pretty good.

Now how does this perform? Well Illamasqua is describing this as a very intense mascara that "lenghtens, defines and dramatises lashes to extremes". I have to totally agree on the first two points: it does define the lashes really well and it can lenghten them a whole lot if you layer the product a bit. I have to tell you that this isn't a one-quick-coat-and-you-are-done kind of mascara, it does require a bit of work. But the lengthening result is definitely visible, as you can see on those pictures:

Of course, my natural lashes aren't THAT long
Now does it "dramatise lashes to extremes"? In my opinion, not really. To me, drama comes with lenght and volume. This mascara isn't marketed as a volumising one, so I wasn't expecting anything in that field, but I really think that a bit more volume would have added some 'oomph' and made the result more dramatic.
You can judge for yourself on the full-face picture. And please note that I added a bit of black pencil between the upper lashes for more definition.

I have to conclude, once again, that for me this doesn't beat my beloved YSL Faux-Cils. It is an excellent mascara and the jet black color and defining brush are definitely good points. At 15£ it is also cheaper than a lot of high end mascaras (at least where I live), but I'm afraid YSL has gotten me used to much more drama even for daily use and with this one, I feel like I should add falsies to achieve that kind of result.

EDIT: 2 important things I forgot to mention! 1/ this isn't waterproof, but as far as I'm concerned, it does resist a good cry and 2/ it's not difficult to remove either!


  1. Looks great! I wish someone had Illamasqua in stores here!

  2. That mascara looks great!!! Mascaras are so hard to find when you consider the price.

  3. ...well, it's got to be better than 'Load' as a name!

    Thanks for the review! Why is it so hard to find a good volumising one?!

  4. looks like a good product, and yaa I like the YSL one a lot too :D


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