October 25, 2011

What do beauty addicts do on a day off?

Well, a couple of options:
1/ they go shopping with another beauty addict and get an indecent amount of makeup
2/ they stay home and play with makeup, so they wear an über dramatic smokey eye to do the laundry
Or, in my case, they take 2 days off so they can do all of the above.

Here's one of the suspects I spotted yesterday during the little shopping session:

The problem with spending too much time on the same makeup forums is that you hear tons of things on a few hyper hyped items and miss on the rest. I had never heard of this palette before seeing it at Sephora yesterday, and it's a shame, really!
I was actually at the MUFE stand because I wanted a blue eyeshadow. You know how much I love blue for dramatic looks, as it suits me better than black. Plus, blue is completely on trend this season, and you can learn everything on how to wear it in a chic and modern way on this Guardian Beauty Column and video by makeup artist Sali Hugues.

I had found a gorgeous blue with some sparkles, but then my eyes fell on this palette. Which has practically the same blue in it. And which costed less than 2 single eyeshadows, but there are 8 colors in it. The calculation was fast, and I put back the single to get the palette.

I followed Makeup Forever's Advice by first placing the white as a highlight on the inner corner and under the brow, and then applying the champagne all over the lid. The blue came on top of that, but not before I had added Nars Larger Than Life liner in Rue Saint Honore on top top lid, to enhance the lashline. I kept the shape a bit rounded, pretty much as Sali Hugues did in her video, and I also left the waterline free. (False lashes and black liner on the inner rim might be great for a night out, but I'm wearing this during the day). Mascara is Illamasqua Masquara, which, I must say, got much better a couple of weeks after the tube was open and is now the perfect amount of volumizing for a smokey eye!

So here goes.

I kept the cheeks pretty neutral, using Rouge Bunny Rouge Starina blush (matte neutral peachy beige). I don't have my lipstick on but I'm going for a sheer shiny peach. I do agree with Salu Hugues that you should avoid pink tones with blue eye makeup, I think that is very 80's and not modern at all.

I found the MUFE shadows reasonably easy to work with: I didn't have to do too much layering to get the color intense enough, and I didn't have too much fall out during application. These are actually the first MUFE eyeshadows I own and I do like the quality.
This palette is limited edition for Sephora, it comes with 2 real brushes, not crappy sponge applicators, and I do think the whole kit is excellent value for money.

Oh, and of course, the nails are matching :)

This is Dior Blue Denim. I much much prefer the formulation and brush of the Chanel nailpolishes, unfortunately their blue collection wasn't released here, so I had to go with what was available.

Have you ladies followed the blue trend yet?


  1. Fabulous! You know I share your love for blue e/s though currently I like pairing them with warmer shades like peaches and bronzes.

    Or an all-blue gradation with red lips, of course ;)

  2. You look stunning in blue!
    I've seen this palette before (some random guru showed it a haul video), and the no-fuzz about it intrigues me. What about the black? Is it pigmented?

  3. @ Kate: There's a beautiful bronze in the same palette, I need to try them together! Aren't we lucky blue is everywhere this season?

    @ Caprichosesenciales: thanks dear! I have an explanation, in the meantime: nobody in the US can get it because it's been OOS the whole time on Sephora for some reason. I haven't tried the black yet but knowing MUFE shadows, it should be very black. I'll try and report!

  4. I want this palette so ad but no buy is no buy, I even had a MUA use it on me at a MUFE counter and the purple/plum shade makes my eyes stunning and nearly green . Awesome pigmentation and quality for the price :)

  5. I've had my eye on that palette for a while, so many pretty looks could be created with all the colours!

  6. Love the eyes! I love deep blue e/s the only problem I find is balancing it with an appropriate cheek product. Im bad at doing anything but warm toned blushes/bronzers!!!

  7. @Tali: peach will work with that kind of look, peaches always work with cool tones eyeshadows and are much easier to wear if you're used to warm tones!


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