November 2, 2011

30-30 #21

21. Where do you buy your makeup at?

I do a lot of makeup shopping online. In my country we have all the luxury brands at the department stores (Chanel, Dior, Guerlain...) but we don't have Sephora and all the sort of mid-end brands that you usually find there are unavailable here (Urban Decay, Benefit, Too Faced, Nars, Bare Minerals... also no Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, almost no Armani...) so I either buy that online, mostly from BeautyBay or HQHair, or from the brands' websites, or I travel to France so I can go to Sephora and have access to everything.


  1. You will be happy to know that a Bobby Brown store will soon be opening in Brussels (near Cosmeticary).

    And that Laura Merci is available at Senteurs d'Ailleurs ! (but was allready in cosmeticary I think).

  2. @ Ambrea: thanks for the info! I actually rather go to France than to Brussels, lol, but it might be useful to know they are there!


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