November 4, 2011

30-30 #23

23. Favourite eye shadow palette and blush palette?

I think it's a very cruel question to ask to a girl who owns hundreds of eyeshadows. I am tempted to say that my favorite palette would be my custom made Mac neutrals palette but I guess that's not the spirit of the question. So the one palette I take with me when I go away always being UD Naked, I guess it's the answer. I have the version that comes with the double liner, which is helpful too, so I only need to take a separate mascara and I'm good.

I don't own any blush palette, if I had to pick just a few blushes to take along, I would pick Illamasqua Lover and Unrequited.


  1. I keep thinking...Did you make any notes about your famous Mac neutrals palette ?

  2. @Ambrea: I don't think so, or then very long ago. But I could do one soon, that's a good idea, and add new pics!


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