November 15, 2011

Bed Head Colour Control - Colour Goddess shampoo : a review

You will have noticed in my recent FOTD pictures that I have changed my color for Fall, going for a much richer copper shade (if you're wondering, that's L'Oreal Professionel Richesse in 6.40, Copper). I love those rich shades but they have the disadvantage that they get stripped off your hair with every single wash, and fade away really quickly, ending up looking dull and not very well groomed.

Now I am a bit obsessed with washing the day off my hair every night, even though everybody knows it's not a good idea, but I just can't get rid of that habit and when I don't wash my hair, I just feel like I should go hide in a corner the next morning and dry shampoo just doesn't cut it. So yeah, about 6 shampoos a week, that doesn't make my red color happy.

So when I went to my supplies store to get a tube of my color, I decided to pick a shampoo that would help it last longer and decided to go for this one.

What the brand says:

Colour Goddess Shampoo - Therapy for Racy Red Heads or Bodacious Brunettes. Battles Dulling & Fading Dryness.
Keep those rich caramel brown and spicy red hues as delicious as the day you put them in! Colour LockDown Technology protects colour vibrancy longer as it shields hair from untimely colour loss. The sulfate-free formula smoothes and imparts shine like no other while helping to protect against UV damage. A Toffee Heaven scent leaves hair smelling deliciously mouth-watering. 

What I have to say:

The consistency is a sheer taupe colored gel like formula that comes from a tube. A formula that is sulfate free is a good thing for colored hair, as those damn sulfates are contributing in the fading issue. However I had noticed with other sulfate free products that the lack of foam was making them hard to spread, and that my scalp didn't always agree with them. Now I haven't experienced any of these issues with this shampoo: despite the lack of sulfate, it still creates quite a lot of foam and is easy to spread all over my long hair. I haven't experienced any irritation nor flat sad hair with it.

The smell is absolutely heavenly! I would have described it as Crème Brulée, but I guess Toffee works too. I love it, as it's nice but not overpowering. It won't linger for too long once your hair is dry but if you use hot tools like a flat iron, it will be reactivated.

Now I am using the shampoo alone and not the conditioner, and I am usure about the "battles dryness" part. This shampoo does NOT make my roots or my scalp dry at all, but my ends, which were already dry , don't get much moisture from this shampoo alone. I will need to try the conditioner at some point but for now I can do with the moisturizing masks that I have at home.

As far as the color is concerned, I can say that usually, you do lose quite a lot of vibrancy after the 2-3 first shampoos as the dye will sometimes keep bleeding from your hair. That's the reason why I usually dye my hair with a color darker than what I really want: I know that after a few days it's faded to what I want to get and then stays quite the same for a few weeks (or the time it takes you to do 20 shampoos, if you're braver than me). With this shampoo, I still haven't noticed any loss of color or vibrancy after several shampoo, so I'm absolutely thrilled and I know already that the life of my color is going to be expanded - I just don't know by how much yet.

As a conclusion, I definitely recommend this product! If you're a blonde, there's a Color Combat range for you alled "Dumb Blonde - Therapy for Highlighted or Bleached Blonde Babes", not the nicest name, but if it works as well as the Colour Goddess, it's worth a try!

Bed Head Colour Combat Shampoo - 250ml tube - around €12 - $12.50


  1. Me want! Yes me want :) that's it for now.
    Interesting comment isn't it?

  2. This sounds gorgeous (esp the smell)!

  3. I tried this shampoo and conditioner and it faded my colour and left my hair very dry its no good at all for my hair although it does smell very nice


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