November 18, 2011

The one where I try on 2 new products but my FOTD ends up being a huge fail

... so stay tuned, you might actually learn something from my experience!

First of all, you know how I loved my Bare Minerals High Shine in Glisten that I told you about yesterday. Well, I actually got another one at the same time, called Vapor, that I wanted to use today.

Well, first of all, from what I had seen online, I was hoping for it to be a greyish blue. Bummer, on me its blue blue, but then even blacks turn blue on me, so what was I hoping?

Secondly, I thought I could go and apply like I had done with Glisten: use applicator, put on lid while you hold a tissue on your cheek, blend and you're done.
HUGE mistake. My blending brush was already saturated in one swipe, and despite the tissue, this went everywhere. And once it's there, it doesn't leave, it just spreads. Don't even think about swiping with your finger, because you'll just make it worse and your finger will get very derty and spread the damage even more.

And so, for the first time in years, I've had to grab cottons, q-tips and Bioderma, and try and clean my mess with successive layers of makeup remover and concealer/foundation. Actually, if I hadn't been running late already, I would have redone my base entierly - I even wonder if that wouldn't have been easier.

So here I am with very bright blue eyes, hoping I don't look too 80's (but since a male colleague just noticed my makeup, I'm seriously worried...)... and of course ALL THE PICS I TOOK ARE DARK AND CRAPPY. When you fail, fail well and fast.

But wait... there's MORE!

I am also using a new mascara on these pics (not that you can see...)
I keep trying mascaras and keep telling you that nothing beats YSL Faux-Cils (click on the mascara tag in the side bar if you want proofs), yet I can't help but trying others just in case.
Subject of the current experiment: Bare Escentuals Magic Wand.

This is call a magic wand because it really is a wand, there's no brush. That made me really curious. The wand has little indents in it that coat your lashes with the product, but you need to work horizontally (parallel to lashes) without wiggling the wand, and you also need to coat the top side of the lashes. Curling is mandatory in my opinion, since this won't give any curled form to your lashes on its own like brushes generally do for me.

My opinion on this... the formula is nice, stays well, doesn't flake, removes easily. The color is very black, which is always good.
But this can seriously clump your lashes unless you use a spoolie to separate them. And, if you use a spoolie... IT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF NOT USING A MASCARA BRUSH!
And so, once again, this definitely doesn't compete with YSL Faux Cils, even by far.

So that's it for today, and it's probably a good thing that the week-end starts tonight.

(NB: both products were purchased from BeautyBay for 14£ each)


  1. Isnt it bare escentuals magic wand?
    Sorry for being a smart ass :s I wanted to buy that mascara too, now I better not, hehe ;)

  2. @ melovebutterflies Duh! *facepalm*- you're right, edited!

  3. Thank god I read this because I was planning on doing some BE shopping when I next pass the counter and now I wont!!!!!


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