November 13, 2011

Random Sunday In's & Out's

I have not shared ins and outs for such a long time, I thought it might be good to write an updated one this week end.


My cognac boots, I have been wearing them non stop for the past month.

Red hair. It's high maintenance and I'm not sure I'll keep up with that for more than a few months, but that's a bit of a statement color in those gloomy Fall days and I like that!

Good skin days. As the cold hasn't striked too much yet, my skin hasn't freaked out so far this Fall, or then only for a couple of days, and I'm enjoying good skin and very light coverage bases - providing I get enough hours of sleep, of course.

Fringe. I LOVE that kind of mystery-sci-fi genre, I discovered the series last Summer, watched all the first three seasons on DVD and now wait impatiently for every new episode of season 4 to be available on the internet every Saturday. Plus, Anna Torv is beautiful and Joshua Jackson is serious eye candy, that doesn't hurt either.

The Secret Project.  I won't tell you more about this before it really starts and that's not before next Spring, but until then, I have to seriously cut down the spendings and will have less fancy novelties to review on here. But that's for the best! And since two of my BFF's are involved in the same project, they're on the same low-buy boat and we're trying to support each other in not spending too much! It's hard being a makeup addict :)


The serious lack of daylight, particularly in the morning when I have the opportunity to take FOTD pictures. And then when I leave work, night has fallen already - not my favorite time of the year, I can tell.

Finding outfits. As days get colder, I find it harder to create new outfits everyday that will be a/ in style, b/fitting my mood, c/work appropriate and d/keeping me warm! It's a daily morning dilemma that strikes back every year and that I really don't enjoy.

The lack of energy that goes with shorter days. As soon as it gets dark, your body produces melatonin, which tells your brain that it's time to go to bed. Apparently my melatonin production is hyperactive because these days I'd love to go to bed at 7PM, and finding the motivation and energy that is necessary to work out several times a week is really, really difficult. Eating, on the other hand, is very appealing. No wonder it's that time of the year where I always put on a few unwanted pounds (and that's a big OUT too!). So now is the time to keep up with the good working out resolutions and the healthy diet!

What are your current in's and out's? Please share in the comments!

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