December 28, 2011

11 Products in 2011

I think that last year I came up with my top picks for every category of products and for every brand I use, but this year, really, I'd be saying a lot of the same things again and I don't think it's very interesting.
So instead I'm gonna do the "11 products in 2011" tag that has been floating around, so I can focus on the things I really discovered and like during this year.

Let me introduce, in no particular order...

1. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

Best foundation I've used this year - you can find my review here.

2. Japanese brow liquid liner pencils.

Can't live without them anymore, they stay on so much better than powder or pencil!

3. Cleansing Oils and OCM.

Even if I still prefer Bioderma for the eyes, I cannot be without cleansing oil anymore!

4. Origins Vita Zing.

The only tinted moisturizer you'll see me leaving the house wearing :) Review here.

5. Dior Addict Lipsticks.

Comfortable, moisturizing, colorful with just a little bit of shine. The grown up version of a gloss!

6. Chanel Illusion d'Ombre cream shadows

Long lasting, easy to use, great texture and beautiful result - something that really was missing in the High End ranges!

7. Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette.

UD released quite a lot of palettes this year, but for me this is the most interesting, with its perfect mix of neutrals and brighter colors - definitely the one I've used the most this year!

8. Real Techniques by Samanth Chapman brushes

I absolutely love my Real Techniques brushes, particularly the ones for the face (even though the eyes ones are quite nice as well!) - I think it's fantastic that you can now get a collection of brushes of excellent quality for an affordable price. Review here.

9. Dior Skin Nude Aurora bronzer

For me, the bronzer of the year - too bad it was limited edition.

10. Clinique Gel Liner

Nothing new under the sun but due to limited availability, I had never tried this one before and I do think it's the best gel liner formula on the market!

11. Becca Loose Powder

The best powder I've tried, I haven't looked back since I've had this one, even though I used to empty Mac MSFN's compacts! It gives the perfect amount of coverage and doesn't make your face look cakey or flat matte.

What were your 11 favorite for this year? Feel free to share!


  1. OMG you should be banned from writing these lists because now I want everything! ;) Is the Japanese brow liner better than the Shu pencils?

  2. @dempss01: but you made your list first!!!
    These liner are very different from pencils, in my opinion a bit more difficult to apply (at least at the beginning, then you get used to it) but mostly they last much longer (I tend to get oily there and pencil or powder will move around) and they look perfectly natural.

  3. Great list!!! I love brow products currently using shu pencil. Where do you buy the brow liquid pens I would love to try one. X

  4. @Makeupholic: I buy them from Japanese online stockists, like adamsbeauty or ichibankao.

  5. I have to say this year i discovered cream eyeshadows,
    1)Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadows (tattle tale, stiletto and birthday suit) Love all of them , 2)Chanelle illusion d'ombres (illusoire, epatente, ebloui and fantasme) I could use more Fantasme but Illusoire et Epatente were on heavy rotation for a while.
    I'm more an eye makeup girl but I did fell hard for
    3) Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipstick (really moisturizing , lasting power could be better) again in 2 month i purchase 4 lipstick (humm maybe i'm becoming OCD with number 4 LOL)
    RS711, RS701, PK303 and RD304
    4) Le metier de beauté Kaleidoscope (Penelope, Crochet, Silk Road and Splendid Frost) all came home and in my makeup collection
    5) another new company that caught my eye with their eyeshadows was TheBalm. I did purchase the 2 Shady lady volume (2 and 3)
    6) Dior Diorskin nude skin perfecting hydrating concealer is one of the rare product I repurchase after I finish it (it is worth an award!!!)
    7) Serge Lutens perfume Jeux de Peau and Chergui
    8) Armani prive Cuire Amethyste is to die for!
    9) MAC brush 226 i was caught into the hype of being the BEST brush and LIMITED edition two words that usually make me stop and think (and yes purchase) and I did not regret it. Not the softest but the most useful!
    10) MAC blush, I'm not into mac i have a couple of eyeshadows and one lipstick that i really do not like. But I like their blush. I did purchase a pro pan of 6 and chose, Peaches, Dollymix, touch of gold, taupe, full fuchsia and breath of plum that create for me a complet pallette that I can bring when i'm traveling!
    Finally:11) Guerlain liquid liner this year I finally conquer my fear of liquid liner and learned to do a cat eye!!! Even a MUA at the Chanel counter told me I have a pretty cat eye going on (and that she rarely see a good cat eye!!!) I was so happy (can't wait for Mad Men to start in March!)

    1. Thanks for sharing, Valerie, very interesting list! (and yay for Mad Men coming back!)


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